Selecting more countries or continents

We are sitters. We would like to select more countries or continents in one search. For instance: most of the time we would like to see only Europe if we search for a sit. Yvonne and Jeroen

Not sure what you are asking here. How to do this type of search within the app? Or via the website? If so, this is a technical question for the THS IT experts I guess. I don’t bother and just set up a different search parameter for each country I might be interested in.

Hello Yvonne and Jeroen,
what you could try is the map with all the sits in the world right next to the listings, make it smaller so you only have Europe left. Maybe this helps? I also do this as we would like to stay in Europe because we want to travel by our own car, not by airplane.
Greetz, Marja

Sadly it you try that for countries like Belgium or the Netherlands you always have a large part of GB included and it makes the search very unpleasant.

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I would like to be able to select multiple places when creating a search. For example, if I’m planning visits to the southwestern US, I’d like to be able to indicate Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Then I can plan a route around what’s available.

I understand that the search is filtered by the map display area, and this is helpful, but it sometimes brings back a lot of results that are outside by actual area of interest.

Another useful feature would be to sort the search results by distance from a place entered. For example, if I enter Santa Fe, NM, then list the available sits in order by distance from that location.