Query Criteria by continents

Am hoping TH would allow pet sitter an easier way to look for assignment by ‘continents’ if they have no specific place in mind rather than ‘anywhere’. A sorting system that allows us to put our destination as ‘Europe, Asia, United Kingdon, United States , North/South America, Australia , New Zealand’ or any continent you prefer to go.


It does allow you to. Just type in United States or Australia etc


Hi @EmilyKelowna - welcome to the group!

If you start your search with ‘ANYWHERE’ - you can then move the map to get a more general area or click on the map to get a more precise area that you want to look for assignments. - good luck!


Hello thanks for the reply.
Yes am aware of the country search. At the moment i have the flexibility and interested only in either Europe or Asia. It would be a lot easier to see what is available in specific continent rather than going through the list around the world. That’s my thought :sunglasses:

Yes, this would be a great feature. I would love a ‘Europe’ search, but can only manage this by putting in other search criteria (dates/duration) and then manually manhandling the map to only show the European sits, which is accurate in results, but not very accurate on the map until you zoom a lot.

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I use the map to zoom in but unfortunately if you zoom in on Europe it includes the UK which I’m not so interested in. Even if you set the zoom to exclude the UK it jumps back in when you hit the search button. With a large % of sits in Europe within the UK it makes searching for European mainland countries very difficult.


Thank you am glad am not the only one going through this difficulties. Am ok sorting even with UK included but the “rest of world’ seems tedious and unnecessary :face_holding_back_tears: