What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

Some of the most useful features I hope to see implemented on the Trusted Housesitter website in the future are:

  • Sit length written on the ad i.e. 15 days
  • A reply rating, like what is seen on House Sitters UK
  • House sitters have the ability to cancel sits (not just the owner!)
  • Better search filters i.e. search by region, distance to city

I hope Trusted Housesitters grows in a positive direction for the community. It already does many things well, but there is always room for improvement!

In general, I would love TH to focus its development on app/website functionality, especially around searching for sits. :slight_smile:


Funny, I always wonder why HOs list the length of sit in their headline, when it is easy to calculate from the dates listed!


Although I have often found this to be inaccurate/misleading as HO’s do not update their listing correctly - for example, I saw a sit yesterday that said something like ‘Look after 2 dogs for 3 days in September’, yet the dates were for 7 days in October!


I would like to see a function that stops HO’s advertising day sits which is against THS T & Cs. I have seen a number over the past few weeks (some of which I reported but then gave up). I imagine it would be very simple to design a piece of software that simply comes up with a notice saying “invalid dates” if start and end date are the same. The HO could then be referred to the T&C’s.


True - “Christmas sitter needed” and the dates are July!


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Does anyone else find it frustrating that most of the location listings show the name of a town without any indication of where it is? I’m constantly switching screens to search the name of a place that I have inevitably never heard of and have no idea where it is. We need to have counties added to listing place names.


Things I would like to be mandatory in a listing;

Name of nearest train station and distance from the sit. ‘near a station’ isn’t much help when trying to plan routes.

Nearest airport and distance - as above.

HO to provide info should the pet require a trip to the vet. Whether that be a friend or local taxi service willing to transport an animal. - for sitters without transport/with a hire car.

Photo categories that have to be fulfilled before a listing is published.

Medication - yes/no, if yes, further info supplied in listing.


Just a few off the top of my head.

Better filters. E.g.
-car not required or included

  • proximity to or quality of public transport (I think someone already suggested this) - e.g excellent public transport links, poor, or none.
    -ability to have 'no pets as an option in conjunction with specific types of animals. E.g. No pets and/or cats and small animals OR exclude types instead E.g. No dogs or farm animals.
  • add multiple locations to a search E.g Singapore or Melaka or Kuala Lumpur

Also - are they expecting the dog to sleep in my bed? (Deal breaker). Under house and location there is often no mention of basic house details. Some basic stuff should be mandatory.

  1. Wait to publish reviews when both Home Owner and House Sitter have submitted their review. Publish the reviews simultaneously.
  2. Remove the 5 Star rating.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this already (I didn’t read all the responses, although I did see Timshazz brought up “car not required or included”) but has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of HO that have “use of car included” in their post, when it is in fact not? I often see both “sitter needs a car” and “use of car included” on the same post, and I see both of them on the same post very often! Leads me to believe that they’re not aware of the meaning of it or they are somehow all accidentally adding it to their post, as if it’s easy to click on?? idk


I find it frustrating too! For example, a sit listed under London is very vague. London is huge and every district is different, it’s really hard to figure out how close a sit is to transport links which is a deal breaker for those travelling without a car.


I would like the functionality of being able to add unsuitable sitters/sits to a blocked list so that they no longer appear in my search results.

The ability to mass delete listings that I’ve added as favourites.

The ability to delete messages - archiving isn’t always what’s required.


I use the App more than the website and it needs many improvements especially the filters and saving a search.

I always enter a two week minimum and often 2 day sits pop up in the results.

You can’t filter with an open ended date. If I’m available October 15th but with a flexible end date the system won’t let you leave it blank. When you have to search with very specific dates, very few listings pop up.

At least on an Android you have to use the back arrow to return to your search results, if you happen to swipe left it takes you back to the home page and you have to start all over again.
Thank you for listening! :ear:


The ability for the pet sitter to block out dates when they are not available so they do not receive invitations they cannot accept.


I really hope that more time will be spent on fixing things too! The app is very buggy and I end up using the website instead. For tech-oriented people, it’s very noticeable. Thanks for posting!


Thank you for starting the conversation! 10 years in San Francisco rubbed off on me. Sadly that city has lost its humanity now I live in Santa Fe, the least tech city, and I appreciate people looking at me in the eyes every day!


In addition to the very good suggestions already listed, I’d find it helpful if homeowners were required to state how long they’re comfortable with their pet(s) being home alone. Only about 10% of the listings I read specify a time range, e.g. “Pluto can be left on his own for up to three hours.” This is an important factor for many sitters, and with the 5-applicant pause, it feels especially crummy to take up a valuable spot by messaging to ask for this clarifying information.


I would also really appreciate this info.