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Hello lovely people. Newbies here. We just signed up and we have been very fortunate to get two sits almost straight away. Yay! A quick question. Is there a way to export the sitting calendar to your Google calendar? Thanks and we are looking forward to contributing to the forum.

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Welcome @Oztravels - great question- unfortunately I don’t know the answer but I am sure someone will be along soon who does :joy:

Congratulations on getting your first two sits , are they local to you or will you be travelling to another country ?

Congrats on scoring your first sits. I hope they are great for you. I’m on my second with many more scheduled this summer, and I’m loving this!

Great question. I do that manually, but it sure would be convenient if the THS system could send an automated calendar invite with the sit address, homeowner name, pet names, etc.

If I’m missing an existing tool for this, somebody please let us know! If not, there is a separate forum to suggest improvements to THS. We should post there if we don’t receive a positive response here to your question.

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Hi. We live in Portugal and the two sits are in France so a 13 hour drive. Not far when you are an Aussie :rofl:

@Oztravels Ooh, that’s a great idea! I do not think it is currently possible but as @J0e mentioned feel free to leave the suggestion here: