Wishlist for sitters?

I’m wondering if there’s a way for sitters to put out a “wish” that an HO in a particular area and/or time frame might be considering going away. I have been in contact with a few HOs who invited me but the dates haven’t worked out, and they’ve let me know they’re pretty flexible so if I have some dates in mind to reach out to them. I’m always checking the limited list of places I was allowed to specify, as well as Favourites, but I’m
wondering if I’ve missed something like a community bulletin board to post a wishlist. My daughter just asked me today about meeting up in a particular area for her birthday in the spring. Because of covid, I always stay separately from my kids and prefer a Trusted Housesit to hotels. Thanks if any of you have input!

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Yes a perfect idea. I have a series of enhancements and features that will make the platform even greater than it currently is.

Who better to gain feedback from Han end users.

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Suggestion 1:

Would you like the THS search filter to allow uses to hide pet sit listings that you have decided you do not wish to see in future searches. Eg you have read some specific detail in their profile or from interaction with owner, you realise, that sit will never be suitable for you in the future.

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Suggestion 2:

For THS App users who do not live i the UK time zone, do you find it annoying how the time stamp in the chat history between you and pet owners is based on UK time and not adjusted to your local time.

Example if your to zone is ahead of UK then a message just received / sent will show a time stamp as if the message was send 6 hrs earlier.

: Do you want the chat message time stamps to reflect the correct time the message was sent in terms of your local time ?

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Suggestion 3:

Would members of THS like to have the 2 months duration option added to the distance duration search filter, currently the options jump from 1 month+ to 3 months+

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Suggestion 4:

Would members of THS like the option to choose to filter their search results to not show listings that clash with your already confirmed THS bookings.

I jace just now noticed this alert feature when you try and apply for a booking when you already have one that will overlap WELL DONE

So you already have the business logic in your code to test for possibly booking clashes. It would be a very easy and quick update to take the same database query used to look for clashes between potential sitting searches and your existing conformed booking and then only display those new potential sits they do not already clash with your existing bookings. Naturally it would simply be another filter option at the top of the filters page so sitters can opt to turn this feature on or off.

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@Treeandcathugger , no, this option is not available. You can change your location to the place you are looking to sit in the hopes that a local HO might send you an invitation. This has come up before:



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No because I would still like to see possibilities for future sits and have the option to :heart: them.

That was in response to filtering out sits that overlap with already confirmed dates of upcoming sits.

Suggestion #2

This topic has a couple threads going currently. THS is aware of the issue and has been for years. There has not been any commitment to fix it, or recent comment on it, from THS. We can only assume they are either not willing or not capable of fixing it.



Yes please!