Planning a Trip

We have been a member for a few years and successfully sat for people in the UK, Thailand, Vietnam and here in Oz. When covid becomes just a memory we would like to go travelling once again. Travel to the northern hemisphere involves a good deal of planning and I have often thought how good it would be if we could let owners know we are coming and when so that they could contact us with potential housesits for us to consider whilst we are overseas.
What say you for that idea for TrustedHousesitters to consider setting up a new service?


Hi @sydneysurfer209 welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from Down Under.

We certainly hope that life is gradually (and safely) returning to normal for everyone around the world … it’s been a very long road and thankfully there is this very bright light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

I’ve moved your post to Feedback & Ideas as sitters posting availability by dates and location has been suggested and it will be interesting to see other member’s responses.

Welcome again, enjoy the conversation and we look forward to your THS travels returning to normal soon.

Angela and the Team

We have had the same thought often. It would be good to let potential pet owners where sitters will be and when. It would be good planning for everyone involved. The pet owner would know when to book their holiday to have a good chance of securing a pet sitter.


@sydneysurfer209 I totally agree! To have an area on the site that HOs could look up their area and a timeframe to find sitters that will be available would be great!

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I really like this idea and perhaps it could replace the calendar… :rofl:

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I wanted this too! It would be great for a sitter to be able to post “I will be in town for [dates] and am looking for a [type of pet] sit in [area]” for homeowners to see.