Hi from Queensland, Australia

I’ve been house sitting full time for 4 years. I’m excited to see the increase in the number of international sits being advertised. I was lucky to be able to continue house sitting in Queensland, last year. Prior to the virus, I had completed house sits in the UK, Thailand and Vietnam as well as Australia. I’m hoping to learn and share via this forum, which I have only just learned about. Raye


G’day Raye from across the ditch :raising_hand_woman:.

Being able to sit in your own region may assist if people ever ask about x or y in Qld when you’re overseas. May you find more lovely sits.

Enjoy your weekend.



Hi Raye and welcome to the forum from a fellow Aussie in Victoria. I was fortunate to spend 5.5 months in sunny Queensland last year, avoiding our lengthy lockdowns and cold winter. Had wonderful sits up there and am heading back to Hervey Bay in May to do a repeat sit for 3 weeks. Like you, prior to covid, I was sitting in the UK annually and am so happy to be returning there in mid-June for 3.5 months and am nearly fully booked for that time.
Enjoy the forum and most definitely enjoy your sits, hopefully some overseas.


Happy to answer any questions.

Hi Raye from a fellow Qlder! We live in a great state with wonderful climate & lifestyle. We have been with THS for 2 years doing local sits. We are going on our big UK grand adventure at the end of this year house sitting full time for a few months. Regards, Jenny.

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Glad you enjoyed Hervey Bay. I lived there for 25 years. Moved to Adelaide 5 years ago.

Hi Jenny, I had a great time house sitting in the UK 4 years ago. I had 6 house sits ready to go in 2020 but then covid hit. I’ve decided to stay in Aust for this year. I’m heading to Melbourne for Dec/Jan. Have one sit so far, and I’m confident for more. I use other house sitting sites, as well as this one. I also have my own website. Good luck with your UK sits. Raye

Welcome to this wonderful community. So much helpful up-to-date information on all aspects of petsitting and world wide travel. Good luck on your travel to the UK. We will also be sitting overseas this summer, and look forward many new adventures!


Welcome, Raye.
Pre-covid I managed to do a pair of UK sits and 1 on Jeju Island, Korea - in fact was starting back to the US on 2 Feb when flight through China started getting cancelled; my flight through Shanghai was. I managed to get back through Seoul but only sat in the US until last week, when I started 6 weeks of UK sits.
I’d love to get to Australia for a string and hoping things will happen now. I’ve been there 4 times - but just the bigger cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart. There was a 3 week sit in Tasmania a few years ago that I came close on, but wasn’t the one.
Take care.

HI @Raye Welcome to our community forum, we are so glad you found us.

As a matter of interest how did you learn about the Forum? We have blog posts, emails, the forum link is on member’s dashboards and other communications especially when we launched the forum to our members, it would be really helpful to know which one worked for you … whichever one it was we are happy it did!

I see you have already connected with other members and there are really helpful conversations and topics which you can access and get help and advice from and with your sitter’s experience I’m sure you will have much to contribute too.

Enjoy being here and welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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It’s a great place @Deborah but don’t think I could cope over summer!!


Do you know there a house sitting website that is Australia specific? Lots of ads every day.

Hi there, I started housesitting this year. I am originally from Queensland. I hope you have a good time on here with sits.