G'day from Aussies in France

Hi All,

So we left Australia in Jan 2018 and spent 6 months paying for accommodation in Penang, Malaysia. (albeit very cheap but in a very nice resort) Our first house sit was to do a visa run to Bangkok for 11 days, and the experience was awesome. Basically, since Aug 2018 we’ve been house sitting almost full time travelling the world. From Wales to Portugal, England, Spain, Gibraltar, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and now in a long term house sit in a chateau in the south of France!

House sitting certainly beats hotels and airbnb’s, we get to travel and live like locals and meet neighbours and are often asked back for 2nd sits too (which we’ve done a few times).

We have online businesses, so as long as we have good internet we can sit anywhere!
We’ve had dogs, cats, chickens, goats, donkeys, parrots and some none at all!
One house sit in Ronda, Spain had 10 dogs from a tiny chihuahua up to a big fella around 60kg!
Covid prevented a return house sit last year, but they’re coming to stay with us as they travel through, so gain quite a few friendships with the owners (and their friends)…another bonus!

Anyway, looking forward to being on the forum!


Welcome where are you in the south of France? Ready for a drink when we can go further than 10km ?

Welcome :wave: Rachel and Chris

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Welcome @rach_and_chris_adventures , great to have you on the forum!

You’re story sounds very familiar :wink: We too started traveling full time (2016) and had no idea that house sitting would soon become a main part of our lifestyle. As you have, we’ve house sat in many different countries and have had amazing experiences and made life-long friends.

Enjoy South France!!

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Hi and G’Day Aussies … welcome to the forum @rach_and_chris_adventures thank you for the great introduction and for sharing your adventures so far … we can’t wait to share in the next chapter, wherever that takes you and with pet sitting the opportunities are limitless, once safe travel opens up.

Enjoy connecting with other members … we are a community of the world with animals at our heart. thank you for being a part of it.

Angela and the Team