Hello from Queensland Australia

Hi everyone from Scarborough Beach, just north of Brisbane. My husband and I have been THS members for 2 years but I only just discovered the community forum as you cant see it when using the app. I stumbled on it when I was on the website a couple of days ago. We planned to travel the world house & pet sitting when we retired in November 2019 and then COVID-19 put a pause on that after we had done just 4 local sits. We did a couple of Aussie sits in 2021 and have another couple booked interstate this year. Excitingly, we have just been confirmed for our first overseas sit in the UK in December. We are planning to house/pet sit full time for several months there before heading over to Europe in April 2023 so we are now applying for lots of sits so we can get back to back sits organised in advance as much as possible. This forum has so much interesting and useful information so you will see me pop up with a number of questions. Thank you in advance for your sage advice. Cheers, Jenny


Welcome Jenny aka @crookie from Australia… it’s lovely to see more members joining us from down under, now that things are opening up for you again. Great to hear you’ll be heading to Europe later this year, and that you managed to get at least a few local sits to build your reviews before you took that pause, as many others did also.

Please enjoy connecting with others in the forum, and please do ask as many questions as you need. Our community is very friendly, incredibly experienced and full of helpful advice. We all look forward to following your journey and your world travels here in the forum. All the best, Vanessa


Welcome aboard @Crookie I am Tamara from Italy, it’s nice to hear you were able to house/pet sit despite the pandemic. Like you I discovered this forum by chance because the app doesn’t show it, since then I try reading posts every day, I found a whole lot of interesting topics here.:blush:


Hello @Crookie congratulations on your Xmas sit. We are Uk based & heading to Queensland for Christmas & hoping to stay 3 months. We are hoping to do some sits whilst we are there & are very excited :blush:

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Hi Jenny, we have 2 very lively young Gordon Setters and a 13yr old Flatcoat Retriever - we are looking for sitters to either cover time in April and August, we live in Walsall in the West Midlands. If you are looking for sitting roles please get in touch - please view my profile for full house / dog details. Regards Julie

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Hi @mebarn what part of Qld are you visiting and what are your travel dates? Regards, Jenny

Hi @Julie1 thanks for the sit offer but we will not be in the UK until December 2022. We will then be there for a few months doing full time house sitting before we go to Europe in April 2023. Please let me know if you want a sitter during that time. Regards, Jenny

Hi @Crookie We are visiting Newport in North Lakes. Dates not yet finalised but we are looking at either Nov- Jan or Dec-Feb.

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Hello ,im from the uk and have a sit in Brisbane in dec really looking forward to it any advise what we can do please

Hi, Brisbane is a great city, very laid back, with good public transport & shopping, fantastic river life and many islands in Moreton Bay that you can visit. It has the Gold Coast an hour south and Sunshine Coast an hour north if you want surf beaches. It will be very warm in Brisbane in December so bring cool clothes, a hat and swimmers! Temps will be around 20-22 overnight and 29-32 during during the day & humid as it’s storm season. It is the peak school holiday time from 10 Dec so very busy with expensive accommodation prices. Where about is your sit in Brisbane in December and what dates? I’m happy to give you some tips & advice. Regards, Jenny


Hi Jenny,thanks so much for answering .We are going to Springfield area ,thats all i know .We are arriving 2 dec to 4 jan .The family we are sitting for are lovely and have said about the weather .I did think we could travel more up the coast but been put off that idea.If your not too far away perhaps we could meet up and would be lovely to chat about diffrent sits only if you want too ofcourse Best wishes Glendaxx​:laughing::laughing:

Hi Glenda, my daughter lives at Springfield an hour across the city from me. I will have left for the UK by the time you arrive otherwise I would have liked to have caught up with you. I will DM you with some Brissie info. Regards, Jenny

Oh thats a shame ,bring some warm clothes with you !!Thank you would be greatful xx

We love the cold weather. It’s a welcome relief after our long hot summers that last 6 months October-March! I’ve sent you a long DM with some info. I will need to pick your brain about the UK

Hi Cookie ,sorry it has taken a few days to answer i lost a friend suddenly and been upset .Have you anysits booked if so where??London seems to have plenty of sits ideal for you as a tourist destination and plenty to do and see Lots of shows.Its always colder the north you go ,so sits in Devon and Cornwall would be lovely and nice countryside.Scotland is lovely but the weather could be snow at that time of year .Pity we arent here to show you around Staffordshire ,as we live in a village its nice .Someone came from Bunbury and she went to lichfield cathedral and was amazed at it as she had never seen anything like it .I sent a picture of a hall just up the lane from us to the people we are sitting for and they said they havent seen anything like it .It really depends on where your staying regards Glendaxx

Hi @Glendac, i’m sorry to hear your very sad news so thank you for taking the time to reply. We are starting our sits in the south in Sussex and Hampshire and will make our way steadily north to Scotland over a few months. We do hope to secure sits around Cornwall and Devon as well. Can’t wait to discover all the local history. Coming from Australia, despite having the oldest indigenous population in the world, our white European history is very new at 250 years old. I was blown away when in the UK going in to a ‘young’ 300 year old building built before Australia was even settled. When I visited the Tower of London and Edinburgh Castle I was amazed that they were over 900 years old. Australians are always amazed by the buildings in the UK as we don’t have anything like them at home. Regards, Jenny