Tips for our listing?

We have used THS for years in the past but between the pandemic and having a family member move it, we haven’t needed a sitter for the past few years. Now we are back to traveling and I’m not getting the same type of applicants, if any at all. This may be because we previously had 3 mellow old dogs and now have a puppy that is more labor-intensive. Previously our inquiries were almost always European or Canadian couples traveling that were experienced sitters. Now its younger folks from surrounding states that I suspect are just looking for a free place to crash. Anyone have any tips for our listing?

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Hi Stephanie,

It’s a very nice listing!

I think you are correct that the puppy might be a factor. However, for me, not having access to a car, plus the very expensive airfares right now, make many sits very expensive.

Also given the fact that housing has become so much more expensive, it is not surprising that there are more applicants who are within driving distance and would like a nice place to stay. They might also be great sitters.

The biggest factor for not getting overseas applicants might be the timezone/5-application limit. If you post in the daytime in your timezone and 5 people apply your post could be closed off before anyone overseas even sees it. Maybe try declining unsuitable applicants very late at night to reopen it at a time that overseas sitters might be able to view it?


Since covid air travel has changed for everyone the flight I used to get to Australia is treble the price and many European flights no longer run every day from some airports, maybe twice a week. That and frequent train strikes make it very difficult to plan. Personally I am sticking to UK for now and go on longer sits due to the price of fuel to get anywhere.

@StephanieHolst I am sorry you are not getting the same type of applicants now, but I do see you have two for one of your dates and one for the other. I hope these turn out to be great for you and you can feel confident in having found the sitter you need.

Your listing looks great. The only things I saw that would give me pause are that the pup needs to go to a dog park daily. I worry about dog parks and exposure to disease and/or potential conflict with other dogs (especially since it is a herding breed). Also, if you are looking for international sitters, a three day sit may seem too short. They may not want to commit to something that short so far in advance? Just a guess though.

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That’s an excellent point, I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me…

Maybe…I’m just not receiving the nicely curated introduction/inquiry emails like in the past. I’m getting hurried messages with little to no sitter information up front. I suspect it has to do with the new 5 applicant limit THS has put in place. It’s a real bummer and making me re-think our membership.

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Ah, good point. I revised the wording around dog park so it doesn’t sound mandatory. I can totally relate, I’d be hesitant to take someone’s dog to a dog park! Thank you