Newbie with timeline question

This is my first time using THS to petsit and after applying on the 1st for a sit to take place from 11-15th, have had some conversation in the app with the HO. I let them know that I am available for a chat or phone call anytime except for 6-9th because of work.
It’s now the 5th and haven’t heard anything further about scheduling some time to talk about the sit (and the listing is very thin on details).
I feel as if I should have something scheduled at least. No?
I’m wondering if I should continue to apply for sits and move forward …? Or is this a normal timeline when applying? I don’t like leaving things to the last minute…

Hi. Is your sit local, or are you traveling to them? If traveling, I would be concerned and would likely continue to talk to other owners.

I am traveling to them but because I’m in the airline industry, it’s not as time sensitive as if I weren’t.

Hi @krrutherford. One thing I learned quickly is to have a video chat with any HO before I accepted a sit. Then get full contact details and info on pets/property if offered the sit before accepting. A few experienced sitters suggested creating a whatsapp group with the HO prior to the sit and for use during the sit. It makes life much less stressful as it’s another way to chat to HO’s.
In your situation I’d want to hear from the HO at least a week before travelling there and to have a welcome guide in hand.
I’d contact @Karen-Moderator or @Julie-Moderator to liase with the support team here at THS to see if they can reach the HO for you asap.

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Hi @krrutherford. Did you actually accept the sit, or were you still in the exploration phase? The way I read your post was that you hadn’t accepted/confirmed the sit yet. Looking at the availability calendar on your profile, it doesn’t indicate that you’ll be on a sit in the next few days, so I’m assuming the sit was never formalized. If this is indeed the case, I would, as a sitter, assume the sit will not happen and start looking at other sit opportunities.

@krrutherford while prompt responses are the ideal, unfortunately it’s not always the case. You haven’t indicated the date of your last correspondence, however it sounds like you provided dates for a call, and have heard nothing. If you are not actually confirmed yet, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from continuing your search. There can always be extenuating circumstances for lack of communication, however you can be proactive by searching/confirming another sit if this does not get confirmed in a timely manner. You would then simply withdraw your prior application, and send a quick note with brief explanation. Best of luck!


Thanks much - this all helps me to understand how to best move forward. :slight_smile:

Correct - no conformation has been offered. In our discussion it was implied that they would schedule a chat but just have not yet done so. I just didn’t want to move on and leave someone in the lurch. But I do understand that before the confirmation there is no obligation.

Thanks for your thoughts. It’s appreciated.

@krrutherford Just like in any other community, you will have lots of considerate people, and then some that are just not respectful. In your scenario, it’s tough to know whether you are not their first choice, or whether they are not going ahead with their travels and haven’t bothered to communicate that. One suggestion (for future reference) is to look at the listing on the website and see if there are other applicants. That can be telling. :slightly_smiling_face:

@krrutherford the sit is fast approaching. If it’s not confirmed send a message that you will continue look for other opportunities until it’s confirmed. Becuse I think you are missing out on being able to sit for host that communicate better. Look at other sits.
Ann Marie