What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

I would really really really like the ability to delete emails. Sure this is not too much to ask for THS


why remove the 5 star rating?

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Do HO have the ability to cancel sits? I didn’t think so.

I have just had a sit that needed to be cancelled (both parties agreed to the cancelation). I had planned to travel to London tomorrow but can’t now because of the train strike, I communicated with th esitter and invited them to still come and stay with us if they wanted to. And I as the HO couldn’t cancel he sit, I had to write to THS to ask if I could cancel and state that it was a ‘mutual’ cancellation- I understand that the rules are that neither party can cancel. :thinking:

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If the written review explains each item eg tidy, organized, reliable, etc. then the 5-star buttons are irrelevant. As I look through the Sitters, I have yet to find a sitter that does not have an overall rating of 5 Stars. Why have 5 Stars? In my opinion it is not a good way to evaluate people. It’s more for a purchase of an item.


This is something I never thought about and a great suggestion! Sometimes you don’t find out till you are there that the pet can’t be left alone for longer then a couple hours which isn’t always what you are after.

I usually end up asking this question on the phone, by which point it’s a bit too late to back out.

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I know that feeling! We often go between Cities and small towns and it always takes me a few days to get used to people pretending like you aren’t there haha. I love cities, but I think too much time without a little humanity can rub off on you

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I just went through this process and from what I gathered the homeowner can cancel it from somewhere on the site… but it’s not straightforward to find. Both parties ended up contacting customer service.

The problem was they accidentally contacted our current sit to cancel, which lead to an awkward message from our home owners. We wrote to TH with our feedback which they said they would pass on to the development team.

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Hi @Sally1. I’m sorry to hear you had a difficult time canceling your sit. Here’s how, as a homeowner, you can cancel a sit in the future if you need to.

Blind reviews, like on airbnb


Picture captions on both the app and website

Currently you can only see them on the app so if you find a listing on the website you have to open the app to see if the photos have captions.

This request has been out there for over a year now from various people in other forum posts.

We need the website and app to have the same info…


I don’t see it under the Terms & Conditions but found this searching for info on photos:
“As a pet parent, you must add at least 5 interior photos and 2 pet photos to your home listing, and the more you can add the better.”

Please define those photos better and enforce it.

The 5 interior photos MUST include

  • the room and bed where the sitter will sleep
  • kitchen
  • living area (i.e. living room, great room, etc.)
  • bathroom

It would be nice if we could see all the past bewsletters in one place on THS.


I would just like their current features to work properly.


Another thing I would like to see is ‘semi permanent’ search filters. So I could set my feed to say ’ no dogs/farm animals/reptiles’ and it would stick until I change it back. I say this as I set the animal filters for the umpteenth time today.

The more I look at listings, the more I agree. There have been several that only had 2 photos of the pets and nothing else. No interior/exterior shots at all. Also rather scarce on details in the body of the listing. I know the areas they were in and would have loved to apply, if there had been additional info. It would be helpful if the 5 photos were a requirement to even list a sit.


Thanks for the reply.

The really infuriating thing is on the web site under Help > Photos, it says THS MANUALLY approves each listing. So, there should always be the photos THS says it requires.

Having rules which are not enforced is not good and does not help.

On the THS site, if you go to Helpd > Photos you’ll see this:

Do I need to add photos?

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and including some great photos on your home listing / sitter profile will help other members to get to know you better.

Pet Parent

As a pet parent, you must add at least 5 interior photos and 2 pet photos to your home listing, and the more you can add the better. Displaying clear photos of your home and pets will help improve your success on the platform as it helps potential sitters get a feel for where they will be staying and who they’ll be looking after.

You should add an account photo on your dashboard so that sitters can put a name to a face.

Every listing on the platform is manually approved by us to make sure no sensitive information has been added. However, make sure not to include any number plates or street names or photos of children, for your own security and so your privacy is protected.

Hi … @Wetravel @Harris2


New Member Listings … First time on the site.

New listings go through the approval process, they are not published until this has been done, occasionally one may get through with some small matter missed but with the high number of listings waiting for approval on any given day, occasionally this may happen.

Another factor to bear in mind, just as sitters can freely edit their profiles, pet parents/owners can also freely edit their listings, adding/deleting copy, adding/deleting images etc. the listing may be approved, up on the site and an hour later the member decides to change any part of the listing, remove a photo, copy etc., and it does happens.

Existing Member Listings …

These listings do not go through an approval process. The member may have created their listing one month, one year or five years ago, before we introduced any minimum number of images, copy etc.

We do monitor and contact members to advise when a listing needs attention we are also appreciative of members who help bring these to our attention.

I hope that clarifies why and how there can be anomalies with listings …

Thank you.

While a member may have created a listing in the past, I would think that a listing with new dates - i.e. a new listing - would have to go through the manual appproval process to assure it is in compliance with current rules.


I would like to see them do what they say they will do and communicate with their members.
Apparently no news in the ‘Trusted Times’ re the new ‘benefit’. If it’s a benefit and a good news story why not let members know about it.
No doubt this comment will be quickly moved to the Pausing Applications thread which will be immediately closed again.
This comment is about COMMUNICATION and not about the cap!


Once something is moved into the thread Paused applications the reply button is removed. Thus preventing any comments or questions before it is closed down again usually within one hour.
This is not a customer-friendly action and hinders communication.