What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

It is in the newsletter. Under Updates to the Application process. But of course, there is no mention of the drawbacks…just the ‘improvements.’

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Ads that are stopped or paused by the host should be flagged accordingly so that applicants don´t waste time writing applications only to be denied submitting them.

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Thanks, I will take a look if I receive a copy.

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Yes, I scan the HO’s description to see if they mention a landmark, then switch back and forth between screens, trying to find where they are on the map. Some parts of a town or city are not workable for certain trips.

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I would like THS to consider adding a feature where sitters and homeowners could opt into the ability to be contacted by other members without having to have an active listing or actually applying for a sit. The default would be to NOT allow communication, but by opting to allow this feature , members could freely communicate with each other. We can now do this with forum members, but only a small percentage of members are on the forum. This would be helpful for sitters who had questions about a sit or could not do the exact dates posted, but did not want to immediately apply and take one of the coveted 5 application spaces. This would also be helpful for hosts to communicate with other hosts, or for sitters who are going to be in a specific area to communicate directly with others who are in the area etc. This functionality would be completely voluntary, so if members did not want people contacting them, they would not have to opt into this feature. Right now, the only way for hosts to communicate with sitters is to invite them to apply for a sit and host to host communication is not available. There is no way in the THS platform for a sitter to communicate with a host who they have not previously applied to unless the host has an active listing and they are among the the first 5 applicants. There is also no way in the platform for hosts to contact other hosts or for sitters to contact each other. This feature could be deactivated, if a member found that too many people were contacting them. I am not sure how hard this would be for the tech team to implement, but I feel that having this option would enhance our community.


I think this is a great idea. As a single sitter, it would be wasteful of my time to apply to sits where the HO wants a couple or family. Also, could be nice to filter the sits looking for singles. :slight_smile: Good suggestions BunnyCat :slight_smile:


Apologies, the Original post was not pulled through from @BunnyCat … To quote:

We would like to propose a filter where the HO could specify in their listing if they prefer a single sitter, a couple or either. Usually the HO forgets to mention that in their listing and we only find about their preference through their rejection message. We’ve received way too many rejections for that same reason. The filter will save time for both HOs and sitters.
If you support this idea, please click the vote button above. The more votes the idea gets, the more likely it will be implemented in the future.

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Although, we did successfully apply for a sit where the homeowners originally said she preferred singles because she lived alone and had nervous pets. But my application convinced her that we would be good for her pets and we were. They were purring on our laps within days. But since the change wouldn’t prevent me from having a go if we really wanted the sit, AND might help others, I’d be fine with that change.

I would like to see the number of days a listing has been up.


I have seen posts where “attractions” are listed that are an hour away, but the pet can only be left three hours!


Thank for your this @BunnyCat I will need to ask @Angela_L’s assistance when she is next on line.
Best wishes

I would like to see clutter-free searches, iow, I´d like to be able to “swipe left” sits I am not interested in


@Tak.oyaki It should NOT be too late to back out at the phone call or video call stage. Nothing has been officially confirmed by then.

As the site does not have a message function, sitters have no option but to apply to sits, just to ask questions. But that is not a confirmation that you will definitely be sitting for them.

I start all my calls with “I just need to ask a few questions to make sure I am suitable for you” (and if they’re not suitable for me, I’m not going to be suitable for them!)

I felt I had to say this, as some HOs had assumed in the past that it was confirmed, just from the fact I had applied. But both parties need to feel comfortable before officially confirming via the site.

The longer I am on this site, the longer my list of questions is on the initial phone/zoom call. Don’t feel obliged to accept a sit that is not suitable.


Yes! I would like more details other than ‘New’ or nothing. You can kind of get an idea by how many people have applied, but it would make a big difference in applying and getting rejected when it has been up for a while and the H.O. did not pause or close the listing.

Yes, I would like to have an option like on Meet Up. Anyone can set their preferences if you allow a message to be sent to you through the website. No one can see your contact info.


Ive literally just popped on to say this. I’m a home-owner - I dont have any planned dates currently but I’d love it if sitters could contact me to see if they could sit. (I have family, friends etc in other parts of the UK and just 'generally ‘places to see’ so it’d be easy to accept a good sitter and find somewhere to go! And how nice to have one part of that ‘going away’ jigsaw be sorted first.)


I’d like to be able to include attachments to messages sent via the THS website. I want to send my Word version of the Welcome Guide to an upcoming sitter. Obviously I can (and did) ask for her e-mail address, but I’d like to have everything recoded using the THS messaging. I know that I can attach photos using the app, but why not when I’m using the website?


I would like to see a time limit for pet parents to reply and confirm a sit by. Now there is the 5 person limit I have applied for more sits but HOs seem to sit on them for quite a while without responding. I thought it was a one off at first but this seems to be happening quite a bit.


Deleting messages would be good!

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I would like to see a feature where SITTERS could post requested sits. When we go to Europe, we try to maximize the length of our stay because of the high cost of travel. We often have ‘gaps’ in our agenda that we would like to fill. Owners who have not planned or posted a trip for those time slots might consider doing so if they saw that there was a desirable sitter available at that time. We have suggested this to THS several times, so far to no avail.