Suggestion: A buttons to follow HO for new updates and the ability to post unavailable availabilities

If there’s a way to follow an HO profile to get new updates if they post new site and also to be able to post dates your unavailable since I only see you can only post available availabilities.

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Hello @sincerelyjan Wishing you a warm welcome to the community forum!

Great questions. You can save an owner’s listing as a ‘favourite’ by clicking the heart in the corner of the listing or for listings with no live dates click ‘notify me’ when viewing the listing via the website.

You will need to use the App to get notifications when an owner posts new dates on one of your favourite listings.

Here is a help desk article:

There is currently no way to add the dates that you are not available to the availability calendar (just to dates that you are). But your suggestions can also be added to this topic, which is monitored by the product team:

Please also feel free to use the spyglass and search for similar topics as the forum is full of really helpful information and discussion. If you need any help just let me know :grin:

Thank you for the reply! Does favouriting the owner only works on desktop? I don’t see that option from the app.

Hello @sincerelyjan can you see the listings like this on the App? You can then click the little heart in the top right-hand corner and it goes pink and is saved to your favourite list.

Then you will get notifications on your phone whenever new dates for that listing are posted. Any more questions just let me know.

Is it particular to that listing though? I was wondering more so alerts from the HO if they made new listings.

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@sincerelyjan Oh, just to clarify, each owner only has one home listing (with photos & information about the home/pets etc) and they then add new dates throughout the year when they need a sitter again. So as long as you favourite the listing that you like, every time the owner needs a sitter and posts news dates you will be notified.
Feel free to DM me at any time :grin:

Thank you Carla