Using the Favourites Option

I ask myself a small question.
Does the owner know that a sitter has put his home sit in his favourites or is it just so that he is notified that one of these favorite places goes online?

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Hi @Flora,

That is a great question.

Depending on the owner’s membership type they may be able to see who has favourited their listing. This allows owners the choice to reach out to sitters who have favourite their listing before posting live dates as they know those sitters are interested.

The owner memberships that can see sitters who favourited their listing are the new Standard and Premium Memberships.

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I have never understood the favourites tool as I can never find them when I have saved them.

If we now find out that HOs can see them, HO’s will surely refer to them more and more, with the result that most listings will have a large selection of favourites to directly contact. Isn’t there a danger of the majority of HOs never having to actually list it as they may have a large selection of favourites to choose from.
So, to be sure of having a chance for future sittings, just “favourite” everything that you fancy but can’t do the dates that are presently listed?


Great point…


I “favorite” a ton of sits that I may at some point be interested in. When they have new sit dates, I get a notification and it seems to come quicker than the saved searches notification. Favorites are unlimited, unlike saved searches. I had no idea that HOs could see this and have never been invited to sit for any of my favorites, unless it was also a return sit. I am doubting that most homeowners know about this functionality, so most of them are just going to post their sits unless they are going to invite former sitters only first.


I had no idea that homeowners could see sitter favourites either. Does anyone know if they just see that you favourited theirs, or if they can see all sits a sitter may have saved? Not that it really matters, just curious.

As a sitter, I didn’t know there were different levels of membership (standard and premier) for HO…

I like favourites for the early notifications but don’t think I have had many invites from favoured HO.

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How do I see my favourites? And then ‘unfavourite’ them?

As a sitter, I think you can only do this when they create a posting you can then see the purple heart… just uncheck it.

It would be useful to view or have a standard default “search” option for favourites

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This is all a complete mystery to me and other’s too. I have just saved a favourite then looked in my dashboard and nothing is showing.
I didn’t know about different levels of membership either.
@Katie-MembershipServices , are you able to supply information about it all and how it works.

Thanks @Southernsitter

Thanks @Martin_S
On the App there is actually a button marked favourites at the bottom.
This brought up all sorts of sits I wasn’t aware of, but clicking on the heart gave me an option to remove favourite. Actually very easy, so learned something today.

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Hi everyone, thanks for adding in your questions.


When you favourite a listing via the app you will get a notification when they post new dates via the app. This is only a function via the app.

You can also add messages from your inbox into your favourites should you want to keep an eye on them for new dates. Your favourites are not sorted by the date you added so, unfortunately, may take some searching to find the recent favourited listing.

To locate your favourites via the app:

  • select favourites from the bottom bar
  • in the top right corner you can filter your favourites
  • click the heart on the listing to unfavourite the listing

To locate your favourites via the website:

  • select your name in the top right corner (this may show as three lines depending on your device)
  • select favourites from the drop-down menu

Hi Katie, is it possible to delete listings from your favourites on the website as I have quite a few which are no longer active? Thanks.

I didn’t realize I could save sits that aren’t active or even search to know about them - opens up a whole new world! I know what I’ll be sound today!


Yes, I’m one of those HOs who didn’t know about this function. I’ve been a member of Trusted Housesitters since 2012 and have used it every year since. It has evolved a bit though in that time.


lol as a home owner afraid & clumsy with tech I’m lucky I can post & answer my sitter. having a video chat lol would need a talk on how’s that done. I have learnt some interesting things reading posts & have difficulties at times figuring out how to reply but thanks for the posts they’re helping me

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app? does that mean it has to be on a smartphone? good grief

I was just invited to a sit by someone who mentioned I had favored their listing. Trouble is I actually bought a home in the area over the summer. It’s a retirement community I had taken a few site in because I was interested in it and decided YES I want to live here. I will have to go back and unfavor all my saved listing in the area as I won’t be sitting here any longer. Remember to update people!!!:grin: