Sitters who've saved my listing

Is there a way to delete the sitters who’ve saved a previous listing of mine? It gets confusing, to me, when I try to see who’s saved my current listing, when I see everyone who’s saved my previous ones!


Hi, speaking as a sitter I often see listings that I am interested in but cannot do the dates so I ‘save’ them and a red heart appears. I then get an alert when a new listing appears.
I wasn’t aware that homeowners could see that it had been saved and I had shown an interest.
Recently the Premium Membership has been introduced for homeowners and I thought it was a new feature of that membership that they could see who had ‘saved’ them.
I would be grateful for any thoughts on this. Thanks


I also save listings that I might like to do in the future even though I’m not available for the current dates. If you as a HO are in need of a sitter in the future, you can refer to this list. If you invite sitter who has favorited your listing, there is a better chance the invitation will be accepted since the sitter has already expressed interest.

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I also favorite for reasons as noted by others. When those sits have new dates, the “new dates” notification comes earlier than my saved search matches notification. So for those I’ve favourited I get a tiny bit of advance notice over those who haven’t favourites.

Thank you, everyone, I didn't realize that when sitters saved a listing that they would get notified of new sit dates. So, obviously, now I don't want to delete them! 

Again, thank you!!