Saved Sits

If I save a sit do the people who posted see this? I am trying how best to let people now that I am interested but do not want to take up the 5 spots for the dates posted.

Yes, the HOs are notified of you if you favourite their sit. They can then reach out to you directly if they want to invite you directly. Or you get notified of their new dates whenever they are posted, or when the dates open up again. It does not take up any of the 5 applications, this only happens if you directly apply to the sit dates.

Hi @cdrewco. If you click on the little heart on a listing, marking it as a favorite, the pet parent is notified.

I recently favorited a listing in the area shown as my “home” town (I’m location independent). The pet parents immediately reached out to learn more about why I would favorite a listing in my home town, and we’re going to meet the next time I’m back there. They did this by creating a personal invite with fake travel dates. A brilliant idea!

Is it only homeowners that have a Premium Membership that can see sitters that have saved their listing?

Good point @Twitcher. People with Standard or Premium memberships can see who favorites them. People with Basic memberships cannot.

Thanks for the responses, I will start to do this for the sits I am interested in for the future. I used to apply to open the conversation but will now do this.

As a homeowner I assume that people who save my listing are unable to make my posted dates and won’t reach out if they haven’t actually applied. I also know they will get notification whenever I post new dates, so I also don’t reach out if they don’t apply first, based on the same assumption that they saw the new dates and can’t sit for them.

So I’d say, if you’re interested in the dates then go ahead and apply for one of those initial five spots anyway!

I used to think that, but now I realise that it really depends on the sit.
I favourite sits because it will notify me when new dates come up. Yes it’s true that when I favourite a live sit ad, it’s because I am not certain I can do the current dates. But it’s also because I know that the more popular sits are often barely live for 1 hour. I’ll try to get an application in as soon as I can, but Sometimes life can be busy and I’m unable to apply straight, so I would assume the same applies to other sitters.

For the sits with less interest received, I think it’s safe for the HO/PO to assume that, if the sitters haven’t applied within a week or so, then they are not available for the dates. But for those who receive a lot of interest I think it can be worth reaching out to a sitter who has favourited you, if you consider them to be particularly suitable.


That’s a great point I hadn’t thought of! The areas I’ve lived are not at all popular destinations, so I haven’t run into the 5-application limit and had available sitters resort to favoriting. That would certainly be something to be aware of if you lived in a travel destination.