Saved Listings and Sitter Profiles

What is the advantage to sitters of saving home listings for which “no sitters are currently needed, or the benefit to HOs of checking the heart on profiles of potential sitters?

Does the TH system automatically contact the “saved” parties when new trip dates are posted? I somehow doubt that, but it might be a future enhancement.

If you are one of the 40 sitters who has saved my information, should I send you an invitation the next time Toby, Phoebe and Lily need a caregiver? Whether or not you’ve indicated your availability by highlighting the dates on which we’ll need you? And how is the listing that you’ve saved going to be useful to you e.g. six months from now?

Lastly- if a sitter writes a message declining the current opportunity but asking to be considered in the future, how do other HOs handle that?

Thank you in advance for enlightening me!

Sometimes it just means that sitters have read your details and have figured out that you sound like a decent person that they could consider if they were available if you needed someone perhaps at short notice but I suppose if you wanted to change that you could ask them not to save you.

This is exactly what happens (when done through the app).


Oh, I have no objections whatsoever to being “saved.” I found one of my upcoming sitters precisely because she had saved my listing. I was just wondering how best to use the expression of future interest.

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Yes, sitters get immediately notified when you post new dates. I have several sits I really want to do but the dates haven’t lined up yet but they are in my favourites as I am sure they will one day.
Especially If you have some flexibility in your dates I would contact sitters who had it as a favourite, if not they will be notified and hopefully apply if they are available.


If I have a sitter who asks to be considered in the future, I ask them to “save” or “favorite” my listing so that the next time I post active dates, they will be automatically notified. I cannot keep straight how many people have asked me to consider them in the future, so I let the system take care of it for me. Works well for me.

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@sledgejoyce Correct, but keep in mind they would need to save it via the app on their phone, if they want to be notified immediately when your listing goes live. Of course the sitter should know that, but if you think they’re a suitable sitter, then reminding them wouldn’t hurt. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I favorite/save listings that I can’t do the current dates for but match my requirements for otherwise that way I can 1 - be notified by THS when they have new dates and 2 - recognize it in the list of potential sits as one I have favorited in the past.

They are also easily accessible via mobile to look through to see if any of my favorites have current dates.

Thank you, @Snowbird. I thought you could save both on the website and the app. I thought by clicking on the heart icon on the website, that saved it as well as doing it on the app. I’ve done that in the past, so I thought you could do it both places.

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You can definitely save on either. You are just only notified through the app of future sits on favorited listings.

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As a HO, how can I see any sitters who have tagged me as favorite?

Yes, but I believe it’s only on the website and not the app. On the website, click the arrow next to your thumbnail picture (top right) and there’s a section “who’s saved my listing”. I also get an email from THS every time someone saves my listing.

I don’t think Owners can see that info unless they have a Standard or Premium Membership, but not a Basic Membership.

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I keep getting emails from THS saying “8 people have saved your listing” or such (I have a new listing), but I look and they appear to be the same people that have been there! The total number of sitters who have saved it has not changed. Why does THS do this? Also, is there a way to see when someone saved the listing?

I experience the same thing. Additionally, the order of the sitters, who saved my listing, changes every time I look it up, which means I have to play “Memory” to actually find out who is new. It’s already become a challenge with 94…


Exactly! That, too. I am new, and I have 49. I’m grateful that folks are saving the listing. I mostly just wish I could tell when they saved it.

I don’t have many favourited and I remove sits from saved when I’m no longer planning to sit in that area. But, if there is a sit that I would really like to do, saving ensures that I am notified of new dates even before I receive notification through my saved searches. So for those extra special ones it gives me just that little head start that could make the difference.

(I find the favourites functionality for sitters on the website annoying and not functional at all. Definitely use the app until the web version is improved.)

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