Do you contact Sitters who Saved your sit?

We have a sit posted and have had about 10 sitters “Save” the listing. Since we only have one applicant and would like to see others, what do you think about approaching “Savers”? My initial thought is that I want them to choose us, which would seem more committed on the sitter part. We’re a little nervous, as we have had two confirmed sitters cancel on us. Fortunately we still have a couple months before our trip. Maybe a normal protocol is to contact savers directly, even thought they haven’t applied. What are your sitters/owners thoughts and experience?


@CrazyJ I understand your wanting to reach out to potential sitters who have saved your listing, but just want to let you know, I have at least 100 saved listings myself. This is so I can receive notification of when they may have another sit available. When I save it, it is usually because the dates don’t coincide with my availability at the time they presently have posted.

I wish you luck on finding a new sitter.


If I understand you correctly, as a sitter, you save listings because they look fun/whatever, but that the current posted request is out of your availability. If I look at the calendar on a sitter’s profile, wouldn’t this tell me about their bookings?

Rich Johnson

@CrazyJ not necessarily as many (including myself) are really bad about updating the calendar. It will automatically update if you have a sit scheduled, but if you don’t update when you are going on vacation, etc., it shows open. You can always ask but this was just to let you know why many do save the sit criteria.

Example…We plan to be in Mexico starting in October of this year. We want to travel the entire country, but if I save potential sites, it will notifiy me as soon as a new sit is posted, thus allowing me the opportunity to click oh it, view the dates, and if in the right timeframe, I can apply right away.


I contacted 5 sitters that saved our listing but none were available.

I saved listings so I could get notifications of a new posting just incase we could accommodate a sit that comes up.

the sitters that saved your listing should get a notification, so I would think they would apply if the sit fit their schedule.

If you attach your listing, members could give you feedback.

May the best sitter apply for your pet!

Hi Crazy J,

Yes! Invite sitters! I’ve met some of my favorite sits with invitations. Sometimes I’ll miss a posting or be debating if I want to apply. An invitation has nudged me in the right direction more than once.

Besides, you never get more than you ask for. The worst they can do is say no. What do you have to lose?

Good Luck!


@CrazyJ -
Your sit must be appealing, if sitters are saving it!

When I save a sit, it’s because I like it a lot but the dates don’t work for me. (If the dates were possible for me, I’d apply for it right away, instead of saving it.)

I keep an eye on notifications that one of my favorited sits has posted new dates, just in case they’re looking for someone far enough in the future that I might be available.

Also, I don’t keep my calendar updated. Instead, I add a line to the top of my profile that says I don’t have any current availability.

Best of luck in finding a sitter!

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To be a voice of dissent here,

I would be so grateful if you contacted me! I haven’t gotten a notice about the sits I’ve saved for at least 6 months. Neither for my “saved” subscriptions.

I have even contacted my ISP who hosts my mail server, and he has done extensive research, and has told me every time that it is TH’s issue.

One of my friends however, who has an email address on the same server as me, and the same domain name in fact, is getting all her messages and notices and everything. I get nothing! So I would love to hear from you, or any other homeowner I have saved previously.


I think a lot of sitters (most?) don’t keep the THS calendar updated, as it’s very clunky to use. So the calendar on my sitter profile will show the dates that I’m unavailable due to a booked sit (since that gets updated automatically once a sit is confirmed), but it doesn’t show any other unavailability stemming from plans outside of THS sits.

I also favorite any sits that appeal to me but don’t match the dates I’m available. Therefore, if those HOs invite me once they see I’ve saved their listing, I most likely won’t be able to do that sit—but I still like getting the invite! That’s because THS doesn’t offer a way to contact the HO other than to apply for a sit, and while I would love to send a message introducing myself and expressing interest in any future dates, I feel bad taking up one of their very limited 5 applicant slots. If they reach out first, then I’m able to reply to let them know I’d love a future invite!

So, in short, you may not book your sitter this time via inviting those who’ve saved your listing, but it could make it easier for you to find someone for your next sit.


As a sitter, it seems to me a shot in the dark contacting people who have liked your sit without checking their availability. As several have mentioned, it’s a pain to keep up to date but we try hard.
That being said, it’s can also be a great place to start as you know the sitter has already viewed your profile and would like to sit for you based on the information provided. I will often press the like button on sits that would appeal to me but the requested dates won’t work for me. That way I will be notified when that person has another time needing a sitter.(or were supposed to be, anyway)
We are sitting full time and find ourselves booked out a ways, currently through September.
We have been contacted once by a HO that we had liked but were on the other side of the world at the time.
I would suggest contacting them to see. It can’t hurt and you already know they are interested.


As a sitter, I say yes, do it! I recently saved a sit that I did not apply for but looked good… the owner contacted me, I ended up doing the sit (this has happened more than once), and now she booked me directly for a second sit. I was flattered and thrilled, and she was happy and relieved.

I’d say it’s always worth a try. Out of the 4 sits I did last year 2 were a result of being contacted, not even favourited and probably wouldn’t have necessarily applied normally but thoroughly enjoyed.

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It’s worth a try, especially if you have any flexibility in your dates.

Hi @CrazyJ
Your question has often been asked on the forum. I did a search and here is one such posting with some more answers for you:

I have saved a few I would love to do but either their dates did not fit, or they weren’t even looking for a sitter. If I had saved you, I’d be really grateful if you reached out to see if I was available for your dates!

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On occasion maybe 3 times total since we became pet owners ourselves have I reached out directly to sitters that saved our listing. All were incredibly lovely and responded right away…I think almost all were unavailable but really appreciated that we reached out and asked that we keep them in mind in the future. So while the idea of it worked it didn’t actually work as a way for me to secure a sitter…maybe someday it will. I’m sure I’ll be doing it again.


Thanks for all the thoughtful tips. I think I have a good picture now.

We use THS as owners and as sitters. When we need a sitter, I always check to see who has saved our listing. If their profile checks some of the boxes for us, I always reach out to that sitter. As others have mentioned, the calendar is not particularly useful so I don’t even bother checking. We have found several excellent sitters by proactively reaching out.

I save listing if the sit looks interesting for one reason or another. Mainly it is because it is a listing with animals I would love to take care of, pets and wild life, close to some interesting wildlife or nature and last, but not least the HO makes me feel at ease.
So when I save home owner listing it is to be notified next time they list dates that I could apply for. If the dates don´t fit in my plan I just ignore it and wait if they list another.

If you like some of those who have saved your listing I would not hesitate to contact them and ask if they are interested in doing a sit for you, they just say no if the dates don´t fit for them this time.

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As has been said, sitters save sits because they are unable to do the listed dates but would like to be notified of future dates. If a pet owner I have favorited has any flexibility, I would love if they would reach out to me prior to arranging their trip to see if we can coordinate our dates to set up a sit.