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We posted a listing last month and have had 10 sitters “Save” our listing. I invited one person to apply, who responded but said she had possible other obligations to fulfill at that time. I have had one person apply who isn’t a good fit. Since I am new to the process, is there something I am missing? Why do people save our listing? I appreciate other’s views.
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If someone saves your sit, rather than apply, it usually means your dates conflict with their calendars, but they’d be interested in sitting some other time.


@wmccliment this has been discussed here

If you add your listing to your profile , the forum will look and give you some suggestions.

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@wmccliment , as @Silversitters suggests, if you add your listing to your forum profile we’ll be able to give you feedback to help you attract applicants.

You’ll have more success finding the right sitter by posting and receiving applications than you will by sending invitations. Sitters who have saved your listing are notified that you have an active listing. If they have not applied it’s because the current dates do not work for them.

Follow these directions to add your listing:
How to add your listing to your forum profile

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I save listings I’m interested in in case they post dates I’m available. This is how I get notifications. Ideally a sitter could save a listing and add the dates they are available. But this is not a feature that is offered to sitters. That would be useful because the HOs would know that sitters are interested AND available.

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That’s why I save them too.