Saved Listings Question

If you have more than one stay posted, is there a way to see which sitters have saved which listings? Also the list of sitters who’ve saved a listing seems to be cumulative, including past stays. This makes it confusing when it comes to figuring out whom to invite for a stay.

Hello, @tcle322 I am keen to help, just to clarify by more than one stay posted that you mean several sets of dates for the same home listing?

Your ‘who’s saved my listing’ section will show you all of the sitters that have marked your listing as one of their favourites. Sitters can even favourite your listing when it has no dates.

This means that sitters favourite the actual listing as somewhere they might like to stay and not necessarily the set of dates that are advertised.

If you see past sitters on this list then it means that at some point they have also marked your listing as one of their favourites. You can reach out to any sitters on that list, including any past sitters and invite them to your current dates. They can then let you know if they are available and would like to sit for you.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you need further information.
Best wishes Carla

Thanks Carla. Yes, I meant several sets of dates for the same listing. Sounds like sitters aren’t saving the listing for a particular stay, right?



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@tcle322 you are very welcome Todd.

Yes, that is correct generally sitters are saving a listing as they are interested in the listing itself. There may be some that are considering the dates, but it is worth reaching out and seeing if anyone is available for your current dates that have favourited your listing.

Hope you find an amazing sitter soon :grinning:

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