Saved sitter emails

I keep getting emails stating a sitter or sitters have saved our listing. From what I can tell these are not new sitters but can be from our dates last year. Is this a correct assumption. It would be convenient if the date sitters save listings was indicated.


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I’m not sure the date would be relevant or tell you much. I often save a listing where I think it would be a lovely sit but I can not do their current dates so that I’m notified next time they have a listing go live.

I also save inactive listings from time to time for the same reason.


Hello @Tlekas and welcome to the forum. Here are a couple of post threads that you may find relevant to your questions, as there may be comments from both sitters and homeowners.

Contacting sitters who have favourited the listing

Using the favourites option

In the second one, you’ll see an entry from Katie from membership services.

I am a sitter, so can’t help with your specific questions. Hopefully some of our owners will respond and explain how they work with those emails.

If you have suggestions on how you think they could be improved, please add those to your post as the product team read the forum and appreciate feedback from forum members.

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I am a homeowner and a sitter on THS, and I usually receive those emails when I have an active listing and sitters are obviously interested in my listing, but can’t do the current dates. I sometimes look at the email, or go to my dashboard on my laptop and look at it there (under “Who’s saved your listing.”)
What I think could be improved is to keep the sitters in the order that they favorited my listing. Each time I click on “Who’s saved your listing”, the order is completely different. The thumbnail pictures in the email are so small that sometimes it’s very hard to find the ones who have recently favorited my listing. I don’t know why the order changes, but it would be nice if it would stay in the same order, with the latest ones to favorite being the first to show. Now that I have 71 sitters who have favorited my listing, it’s hard to sort through them all to find the ones who just recently favorited (hope all that makes sense!)

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It does make sense, because I also have to play “Memory” each time I get this notification. It’s a nuisance and I don’t understand why the list has to shift each time it’s opened.
Sometimes I get a notification but the picture shown in the email, isn’t in my list at all.