"sitters have saved your listing" - which are the latest?

I get a message sayi ng “sitters have saved our listing” - how do I know which are the most recent, i.e. are looking at the current one not a previous one? Is it the ones at the top of thye page or the bottom?


Play “Memory”…:rofl:, because the list changes each time you look it up.

There will be some logic to it. It is just almost impossible to work it out without studying the data tables. In a previous life, I worked for a large supermarket chain and sorting data to improve productivity and service was part of my job.

It could change every time a sitter logs on or changes their listing, or any number of variables…then gets sorted by latest activity… but who knows…

It could be improved, fixed, maybe just one of those things nobody thought would be important.


I look at the profile picture in the email and search thru the listing to find the one. Seems to be no order that I can tell.

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That’s what I also do, but sometimes I can’t find it. Might be that the sitters have clicked on the heart and unclicked it again :woman_shrugging:t3:

Am I likely to get an answer from the site management?

You likely will, but it’s a long weekend so maybe give it another day. :slight_smile:

Hi @SteveL I will tag @Therese-Moderator who will be able to pick this up when she is back online …

@SteveL … I wanted to confirm with you, that when you look at your “sitters have saved our listing” on the website, the sitters at the top of the page are latest to ‘favourite’ your listing.
I hope this helps clarify.
Kind regards

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This is definitely not the case when I check the list! I only use the desktop version and I need to go through the complete list to maybe find the last one, who favorited my listing.

@Düsenzofe … thank you. This was the info I was given. but maybe @Ben-ProductManager can provide a little more clarity?

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Will double-check and look into it further. Clearly, my listing is not favourited enough :rofl: