Viewing new people who are interested in your sit

It would be great if we could have the names of the people who list that they are interested in your sit, but haven’t applied. I see we have their pictures now, but can we have their names as that is easier and faster to find them or put them on the last page at the end of your existing list???

Hi @Reg2267Patch, welcome to the forum glad you’ve joined us! I am a little confused by what you are trying to suggest. I think maybe you’re talking about how sitters and owners alike can favorite a listing? It has been discussed quite a bit here on the forum and the suggestion has been made several time to our team that when someone favorites a listing (the email notification that then gets sent) does not show who favorited the profile…and what is more for homeowners like myself I have about 8 pages of members that have favorited my listing but I have no way of knowing who saved our listing most recently as they are not displayed in chronological order.

SO yes I can see their names and that they have saved/favorited my listing but I don’t know if they did this yesterday or three years ago.

I hope this helps answer your query/suggestion.

Any suggestions on how to get sitters to reply when your date is getting close.

I don’t think that that kind of information would make a real difference to most home-owners, but maybe they don’t know that?

When a listing that I favorited gets new dates, I get an immediate notification on the app in my phone (I have the audible pling on). Most often it is a nice place, but far away and I would need to do quite a lot of travel planning to get there. Those are the dream getaways.

The practical sits I find via my saved searches for certain areas on the map that show up in the daily email from THS.

HI Everyone, is it just me but I find “Whose saved your listing” a useless part of the website. The concept is super useful but the use of it is rubbish. When I click on ‘whose saved your listing’ there are over 100 potential sitters but it doesn’t tell me when they were interested, it doesn’t seem to present the potential sitters in chronological order of when they saved it and the most annoying aspect is that when I get an e-mail telling me e.g 6 sitters have saved your listing, when you click on it it doesn’t tell you who has saved it. I then have to search through tiny icon pictures to try and identify who has saved it.
This feature does not allow me to approach sitters who have saved my listing as I cannot identify who has saved me and also it would seem the most successful route to finding a sitter proactively would be to apprach those potential sitters who saved my listing most recently and not a year or more ago? But this feature does not enable this.


I totally agree. This is very irritating and totally unhelpful. I cannot believe they can’t find some way to fix this issue.

I totally agree. It is of no use to be able to see sitters who “favorited” my listing, but not know if it was 3 years ago or 3 hours ago.

I totally agree. It takes forever to scroll through to find the picture of the person who favorited your sit. It can’t possibly be that hard for TH to just put the new ones on the top of the list. It’s a huge problem if you haven’t gotten a lot of replies and you want to connect with those who have “favored” you. Ive complained about this before but haven’t seen much response.

I suspect that THS does not want to do that. It would be a way for members to circumvent the limit-of-five.

It’s changed now. On the web page (but not the app) the sitters who have ‘favourited’ your listing are now in chronological order @Reg2267Patch


Well that is just not right and it’s not in the members best interest. Why would they even give you the list if they don’t want you to contact these people? They will even say that if you’re not getting the type of response you want, contact some of these people. I’ve done it and it’s a lot of work sending out emails and then answering all that answer most of whom can’t meet your current date but may in the future. But at least it’s an option!