Sitters interested in your posting

Is there any way that you can indicate on the page that says people interested in your sits who the new people are that indicate their interest. We have 3 pages of people who have been interested in past sits and I have no idea who the new people might be you you say have expressed an interest. This is very frustrating.

Other owners have expressed this same frustration. The sitters who have favorited your listing don’t appear in chronological order.

I know, right?? LOL

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we are in the same position with 3 pages of ‘interest’ in sitting. Some kind of order would be great rather than the random places they appear currently!

The only thing that I can think of is you could create a fake sit date to privately invite them to. That would allow you to send a message, something like: “I see you favortied our listing! Thanks. I read your profile. You seem like an awesome sitter. The dates I sent aren’t real, but this was the only way to get in touch. We will have a sit coming up in a couple of months, the dates aren’t set. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you a private invitation when we have the dates.”


I think that this is a problem that Trusted Housesitters itself has to address. They can change the way that we see and get notifications of people who are interested. They could highlight them for a week or two or add them to the beginning or end of the list of ongoing people who have been interested in the past. It is a matter of reprogramming how they add the people to all of our lists.

Something to be aware of, though, is that sitters who favorite your sit but don’t apply are probably not interested in the specific dates you posted but are hoping to be notified as soon as you post new dates. So contacting those who favorited this sit may not help you fill your posting.


If it’s a competitive sit they might not have a chance even if they are alerted.

I agree, but it would be nice to know who they were amongst all the other 62 people who are interested in the sit but haven’t actually applied. I figured out who one couple was for this last posting and contacted them and they then applied. But that was a rarity for me to figure out who they were.

Another interesting point @Reg2267Patch is that some sitters who have favourited a listing can ‘unfavourite’ it whenever they want to but, as I understand it, the owner is not made aware of this.

I had no idea. I wish that they would let us know that information. I think that Trusted Housesitters needs to give us as much information as we give to our sitters and when people’s decisions change, we need to know that.