Favouriting a sit.

When I favourite a sit, can the HO see it’s me?
I’m still new and I’m so grateful for for all the positive and constructive advice I’ve been given so far. Thank you to this wonderful community.

Yes they can. Then they can reach out and invite you if they like the look of you :+1:t3:


@Home, I enjoyed your listing and I learned a new word – secateurs. I didn’t know British English had a different word for our American English pruners :slight_smile:
I concur with @Cuttlefish about the fact that owners can see who has favorited their listing. I am a homeowner and a sitter, so I favorite a lot of sits that I know, one day, I would love to get to sit for. And, as a homeowner, I get lots of sitters favoring my listing, but I wish THS would show us the sitters who have favorited our sits in a different way. I will mention @Therese here in hopes she can get this to the right person. When I, as a homeowner, receive the email from THS saying sitters have favorited my sit, all the sitters who have favorited it recently are lumped together. The last email I got, there were about 14 who had favorited, and the thumbnails are so small, that I can’t really tell what the sitter looks like (plus, after the first 2 or 3 thumbnails, they just show a blank thumbnail with the additional number of sitters who have favorited). Then, when I go to my account and look for who has recently favorited me (currently there are about 125 total sitters who have favorited so there are lots to look through), they are all in a random order, and the order changes every time I look at them. I wish the new ones would come in at the top (last in, first listed sort of thing) so I could see who has newly favorited me. I think lots of favoriting is going on now because of the 5 and pause and I also think people don’t update their favorites so there are lots of sitters who have favorited me in the past who are probably no longer interested, but I have no way of knowing who the new ones are and who the older ones are. If THS has no control over the order of the sitters who favorited, maybe in the email, the name of the sitter could be given under their thumbnail picture. Anyway, as a result, I no longer look at my favorites or the emails that come in from THS because of I have no way of identifying them or when they favorited my listing.


@Home - think it depends on the level of membership the homeowner has. Hopefully a moderator can confirm if that is correct or not.

Hi @Home yes as @Cuttlefish mentioned they can see that it’s you.

Hi @Twitcher @Home just to confirm the difference in membership levels is that those above basic level have unlimited saved searches. As a basic member, a person is limited to three saved searches.

Please see the attached thread

Hi @sledgejoyce

I have passed your message on to our product team. I think having the sitters in chronological order is a good point.

Standard and premium owner memberships give you the facility to see who has saved your listing.

Sitters who have favoured your listing will immediately be notified of any new dates. This might also make sitters aware to unfavour a listing if it is not suitable for them anymore, be it for what ever reason.

Actually, personally, I have started to unfavour listings that I previously saved, as going forward, they wouldn’t work for me anymore. I am sure there are many sitters doing the same. As an owner you would not be notified of this removal. So hopefully this is happening to you and your favoured list is a good source of interested sitters.

If you to go the top right hand side of the forum, to the spy glass and use the favourite keyword, there are some other threads on this. Here is one to look at in the meantime.

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