HOs Do You Look at “Favourites” by Sitters?

Buonasera HOs

Do you monitor the sitters who have marked you as a favourite? Do you look at their profiles and do you invite them to sit?



Great questions! I can only speak for myself and what we do…there have been way too many people that have favorited our listing for us to go through it often. What I will tell you is in the situation where we have not found a sitter to our listing or have posted a listing that is somewhat last minute we do look at those that have favorited our listing to see if there may be any good matches for our sit. If there are and they have availability or at least it looks that way then yes we do invite them to sit.


How do we know if someone has “favorited” us?

As a sitter only, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer but I know these people who do :wink: @Vanessa-ForumCMgr @Therese-Moderator @Karen-Moderator and @Debbie-Moderator

Well, yes - of course! I’ve looked at each one of the sitters who have ‘favourited’ my listing. Where I think they are a suitable match, I have ‘favourited’ them back. I’ve not yet had an opportunity to invite any to sit - I would probably only do that to the UK based ones, or possibly the European ones where I know it’s quite easy to get to our local airport.

If you’re a home-owner who is logged into the website version, click onto your user name/profile picture which brings up a menu. Halfway down is “Who has saved your listing”.

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Replying to @Ketch;
Thank you & I’m really glad to hear that you do that. As mentioned, I’m a sitter only member and have no insight into how the THS platform presents itself to HOs but it seems, from casual observation, that very few HOs use, or even know about this aspect of the service.
What is more, I was completely unaware that sitters could be favourites of owners (clearly I’m not anyone’s favourite :slightly_frowning_face:!) I will now root around to see if I can see a place for sitters to know if anyone likes them….

I think it’s just that home-owners/sitters engage with THS differently - HOs may only be engaging when they post a listing; sitters are more likely to engage frequently as they look for interesting sits.

The forum too is dominated by sitters, definitely fewer home-owners.

I don’t see that option as homeowner. I don’t think it is available at the basic membership level.

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I am a HO and cannot see who has saved my listing because I have only basic membership. That may be why other HOs aren’t checking the sitters who have saved their listing.

I’m a home-owner, I only have basic membership and I can see 8 sitters who have saved my listing as a favourite.

Interesting. Maybe nobody has saved my listing, but I would think I could still see the option. When looking at features of different memberships, it shows the “See who saves your listing” as available for the 2 higher membership levels, but not mine.

My mistake, @Lassie - sorry! I thought there were only two levels of membership, I’d forgotten there were three.

So to answer @Saltrams original question, only home-owners with premium or standard memberships can see which sitters have saved their listing. HOs with basic membership cant.