Can I edit the list of sitters who saved my listing?

Hi, Fellow Owners. Is there a way to edit/achive/delete some of the sitters who have favourited our listing? When we post sit dates, I proactively check this collection and have found excellent sitters this way. However, there are some that simply don’t check the boxes for us. I have to wade through them each time. Is there a way to streamline this? Yes, I have favorited some of those sitters who saved our listing but I’d like to clean it up.


Hi @lonnajp64,

You cannot edit the list of sitters that have favorited your listing but you can go through your list of favorites and “un-heart” those that you no longer want to have on your favorite list.

So what I like to do is when I see a sitter on the list that have favorited us I go through and see if I would ever consider them…if not then I don’t heart. If I would consider them then that’s when I add them to my favorites list and that is who I reach out to if I ever need to when looking for a sitter.

I hope this helps answer your question.


As a sitter I’ve saved quite a few as ones I’d potentially apply to if the dates worked. As I travel with my own Labrador I have no idea if they would accept that or not till I apply, unless specifically stated in the listing. I would have no issues should a HO I have saved message me and say they appreciate me saving them but don’t accept sitters pets. It removes me for them and saves me applying to only be declined.


I’ve just posted elsewhere (can’t find where!) on the subject of editing my list of “sitters who have saved your sit”. I keep being notified by email of another sitter saving the sit but all I get is a photo of the sitters. No other means of quickly identifying them. I have about 550 sitters (some dating back several years) who have ‘saved’ but it’s impossible to wade through them all to find the latest (who are invariably somewhere near the end). I would love to be able to access the profile of the most recent sitters but I don’t have the hours to spare on such a time wasting occupation! Is there a quick way to find out more about them so that I can :heart: them if they fit the bill?

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Hi @musketeer, the short answer to your question is no there is no easy way to find the sitter. This complaint has been made several times to the product team. I myself completely agree as I am in the same boat having been a homeowner here with THS over four years and I have maybe 20 pages of sitters that have saved my listing. So I don’t even pay attention to the email I get when someone saves my listing because I have no way of finding them. I do hope sometime in the near future they’re able to let members click through from those emails or at least put them in order from who has saved most recently.