Moving house

I’m going to be moving house soon and it’s a big, international relocation.

If I change my HO listing, (new home, new country), will posting sit dates send an alert to the people who saved my current listing as a favourite, or will a location update reset the listing favourites to zero?

I’d rather not confuse anyone, or waste their time, so the zero option would be my preference… But just wondering how it all works.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Hello @Pips, Wow that is an exciting change.

I believe that the favourite button will stay on all of those that have already favourited the listing. As you will in theory be keeping your original listing and just editing the information. It is the listing itself that is favourited and not the location etc. Some people may decide when they see the new listing that it is no longer suitable due to the new location (for example) and may therefore choose to remove their favourite.
From what I understand there is currently no way to remove the favourites without the sitters themselves doing it.
I really like the fact that you mentioned that you do not want to mislead anyone, please do not worry too much as a sitter myself I often change my favourites and remove or add some depending on where I am and what is suiting my situation at the time.

Best wishes for your move :grinning:

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Thanks, @Carla-Moderator. We’re just heading back home, so while it’s quite exciting, it’s also very normal! :smile:

It’s going to be a totally different sit from the one we have now (colder climate, city location), so I can imagine people looking at a notification and wondering why they’ve received it. Never mind!

We have been alerted to some favourite listings and when I look I have no recollection of ever choosing it. After looking at previous reviews I discovered the owners have moved so it’s a totally different location and I then unfavourite it if it is no longer a desired spot.