Any tips on wrangling and managing your Favourites?

So I’ve been favouriting sits with wild abandon over the past few weeks and have around 150 saved so far! (I live in hope :grin:.)

When I first signed up as a HS, I already had about 30 sits saved in my Favourites and I was surprised to get 3 personal invites from these in the first 3 days (none of which we could do unfortunately), so know it can be useful.

My thinking has been to favourite sits in locations I might want to get to in the future or be notified of if new dates are listed… but with the limitations of not being about to search within favourites by location or order by date etc, I’m wondering how useful it actually is. So with my growing list, I was hoping to get some advice and tips on how others manage their Favourites, whether you do indeed get notifications if new dates are listed, and whether I’m just crazy having 150 (and counting!) in my Favourites! Thanks!

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Hello @DeeMcC this is our strategy :rofl::raised_hands:t3: Favourite countries we’re on our way to; favourite sits we like the look of in those specific countries (as the individual sit alerts come faster than the location ones); cleanse them once we’ve left say SE Asia & are headed to Europe again etc. and repeat. Otherwise it’s really annoying when a fab sit in Copenhagen comes when you know you don’t have a Schengen visa at the moment. We also set up ones far in advance (Japan is booked March 2025 as travels for now) so that we can see what pings up JIC. Seems to be so far so good three years in full time. #insidestrategy


Thanks very much @Cuttlefish :star_struck: That seems much more organised then my scattergun approach! I was a bit too giddy in my first weeks about all sorts of random possibilities (random being the key there). I really just need a plan and some discipline, and will work on your approach. Thanks again! :blush::blush:

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Hi @DeeMcC

I am a bit like you, I just favourite what I like the look of.
Only once have I had an owner contact me due to Favouriting them.
The other day, I had a look at my whole list and many of them have not advertised dates since.

The advantage is that you do get notified when listed. I saw one last night, applied this morning and have just confirmed it. I probably wouldn’t have seen it if I had not favourited it.

Don’t over analyse the facility - just enjoy it!