Favouring potential sits

I think I may have gone OTT on my favourite list recently. We are heading north along the Rocky Mountains outline (roughly), next spring and summer. I’ve just looked at my favourite list and it’s full of potential sits. There are so many sits being listed recently in these beautiful out of the way locations with must sit animals and pets. It would take years to sit in all these places I have favoured. My worst nightmare would be that each lists a sit next spring …. It would be impossible to chose. Help!


Hi @ElsieDownie,

What a quality problem to have. I would recommend thoroughly going through each one and selecting a top five list. From there I would note which ones would be the most to least work required as a sitter. I would then rank by which pets I would most like to be with, followed by which locations I would most like to see/stay. While you may have a long favorite sit list…it does not guarantee that the HO’s will choose you or you may even decide to walk away if after discussing further with the HO’s you don’t get the right vibe.

I recently was given the opportunity to sit at a location I favorited and looked absolutely ideal to me. The pets, the locations…after a further discussion with the homeowners I decided to rescind my application. It was not the right fit for us after careful consideration. You might find yourself in a similar situation. I find that the best sits are the ones where the communication is easy and forthright from the start. If you get a red flag early on in the communication I have found it wise to back out.

I am sure our other forum members will be able to give some other insightful advise that may not be coming to me at the moment or I hav’t yet thought of. Happy searching for the right sit!

What a wonderful problem to have. :joy: I on the other hand have very scarce listings to choose from because of several limitations.

I’m scared to open my favourite-d list for 9 months in Europe and UK next year :face_with_peeking_eye:
But at least I see when new dates are added in the hope they may be in the range for us complying with the Shengen dates! Good luck :crossed_fingers:t2:

@ElsieDownie I too have a hefty favourites list. I tend though to vet them more thoroughly if dates become available.

The pets and locations are perfect - active dogs with trails nearby, and the views are out of this world. I think it may be a very slow progress to Canada next spring. US is such a huge diverse country, something for everyone.

Good luck with that. Us UK citizens have to comply as well now although we can obviously stay in UK indefinitely. Research well my friend.

That’s what we are facing for early November. It may be Airbnb time again. Good luck.