Saved Search Notification Basic vs Standard

@tortimom if you are using the THS app just check that your notifications setting is set to “all notifications” then you should get nofifications of a new sit as soon as one is listed that is in your saved criteria. Also check how you have set up your saved parametres, they might be too narrow & therefore no new sits are being captured. If none of the above fixes your issue try the old IT support basic step to turn it off & on again! Try deleting your searches & reinput them as fresh searches or try uninstalling the THS app & reinstalling it then turn off your device & turn it back on again. If none of this works contact support services via this forum. DISCLAIMER I’m not an IT expert just rehashing what I’ve learned from the IT gurus over the years when I’ve had IT issues :grinning:

@Crookie, I can relate to your suggestions. I also made the mistake of marking my favourites and doing my saved searched on the website initially. I only later learned that notifications only work when those steps are done on the app. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s my take on it anyway.

Yes, but the upgraded Standard membership which states that it offers instant alerts with no stipulation that they would have previously been favorited–an impossibility if this was a new fresh listing.


Hi @Crookie, and yes, all settings are as you state, but on an iphone the option is simply “Allow Notifications”. My search criteria is one city, and one type of pet, that is all–not too narrow as any dates are fair game.

I will try the laborious reinstall method and see what happens.

Thanks @Snowbird. I had seen that update, but it doesn’t address my issues. I forgot to attach the screen shot, but here it is. As I mentioned, I am seeing no differences between Basic and Standard with regard to saved searches. I only have one. I got the same notifications with my one search for Basic and for Standard. I also have no idea what “dedicated member support” is. I have asked support this question about saved searches three times now.

Hi @tortimom In Basic, I could do a saved search for Chicago, California, and UK on my phone. It would notify me anytime any listing (of those categories I mentioned earlier in a bulleted list) happened. However, with basic, if I then wanted another saved search, I’d have to delete on of those three to make room for my new one. So if I wanted to go to Toronto more than Chicago, I’d delete Chicago to make room for my Toronto search. If I upgraded my membership, I would be able to have added that fourth saved search, and many more. In that case, I weigh up the cost and see if it’s worth it to me to upgrade. That’s how I see it anyway.

I don’t know the answer to ‘dedicated member support’. Sorry.

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OK, well I guess this answers my question–I don’t do TH as a regular pastime–only when I have planned travel, so I only ever have one saved search at a time. I may just downgrade then and get my money back.

I sure would love to know why I’m not getting alerts on my phone in either Basic or Standard level.

Unless someone can explain the “dedicated member support” function.

I have an iPhone and I get alerts when there are new sits in my saved searches. I also get alerts when one of my ‘favourited’ sits has new dates.

I have a premium account but I think I had the same alerts when I had my previous standard account.

@tortimom the scenario I gave you was based on my membership as I have basic and have three saved searches but I just changed the locations. I have an iPhone and I have notifications set on my phone for two of the locations and get notifications all the time. The third one is for a country and I don’t want my phone pinging all the time and so I set that saved search on my laptop so I get a daily email for that country. I suggest you check your email settings on your THS account and your notification settings on your phone. Also the suggestions @Crookie made are important and can often fix things.


I don’t get them. Only conversations with HO’s. No saved searches. It’s a real pain because I have to pick up the email on my phone, and then log in again on my app to see the dates of the sit. I want to solve this problem. @Angela_L can you help? I don’t know what is wrong with my not getting notifications on my phone.

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Hello and good morning @tortimom. Angela is now offline so I’m picking this up on her behalf. I’ve read carefully through your original post and it seems that you are saying that you aren’t receiving push notifications for saved searches particularly on your mobile. I know that on my phone I had to “allow notifications” for the THS app in the phone settings, but as you say it’s a little odd you are getting some but not others. But there are also “controls” in the THS app settings under notifications. I’ve included a couple of screen shots of mine for you to compare. If you’ve done both apologies, I just want to double check.



If these are set the same, I think the best thing we can do here is to refer this to Membership Support who can check this with the tech team and get answers to your questions. Let me know and I will escalate this if necessary. I will make sure the answer is posted here too for the benefit of others. Thanks for your patience and hope this gets resolved for you soon.
All the best, Vanessa


I also want to add instructions on how to make sure your notifications are actually turned on for the app on the phone, just in the off-chance you need them.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Notifications.
  3. Scroll down to Trusted Housesitter app.
  4. Ensure the settings are set up the way you like.


Please escalate on your end which is what I’ve been trying to do 4 or 5 times now on my end. I can’t get through. My emails are stacking up to support. The answers are vague.

All my settings MATCH your first set in the app, but I can’t find this second set of settings. Could that be Android only? These, screen shot below, I do not have access to, but ironically these I DO GET. So it doesn’t matter.

What I don’t get are the saved search push notifications. Only emails. Never push notification. Never have, in either Basic or Standard membership which is very troublesome. I miss out on popular city sits.

This is what I want corrected. I have also deleted and reinstalled the app.


Hi @tortimom I have passed this over top the tech team however from tomorrow Wed March 30th TrustedHousesitters has a 2 day Company Conference which will cause delays on BAU responses … emergencies will be prioritized and managed.

I’ll chime in again in case that helps because I have an iPhone.

Within the app itself, I can go to

  1. “Me” (bottom right icon)
  2. Settings
  3. Notifications

And this is what I see. I have the latest version of iOS and latest version of the THS app.

Hi @torimom I’ll jump in and see if I can help. If you’re referring to the two screen prints Vanessa did, opposite post #13 (of the THS app), notice that the second image partly repeats the first, and the second is really just the last two options.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 3.30.03 PM

I have a Basic membership, and I’m on an iPhone, which I’m guessing you have, given you asked Vanessa if hers was Android. In the Basic plan, I don’t have those last two options.

If you’re referring to her screen capture in her post #14 (phone notifications), mine looks the same on my iPhone 11 as Vanessa has shown.

If you have also tried turning your phone off and on again, and deleting and reinstalling the app, then I’m out of ideas. :roll_eyes:

Yep, still a mystery. All settings match and have deleted and reloaded app. I’m fresh out of solutions myself and mighty frustrated.


yep, same settings already set up this way on my iphone.


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I continue to wait for support to address my issue. I continue to have all settings correct, and do not receive push notifications of my saved search (just one) on my phone. I continue to need to manually search in a competitive city for my upcoming trip. I have submitted about 8 support tickets, and unnecessarily upgraded my membership. Could the moderators please step in to help me reach a solution with the support team?

Hi @tortimom I’m sorry about the delay the team were on a three day company wide conference last week we did put a notice here on the forum and they were prioritizing urgent matters.

I will tag @Therese who will pick this up when she is back online on Monday.

Once again we do apologize and thank you for your patience.

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