I don't receive any alerts about sits even though I have saved searches

I have been a premium member for several months now but to this day have not received any notifications about potential housesits that would suit me. I have followed instructions, saved searches etc. On my other housesitting sites I receive multiple daily emails alerting me to suitable house sits but never on THS. I must be doing something wrong but cannot work out what.
Thanks for your help.

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The instructions are unclear. For example, I don’t think it is documented on the THS site that there are two types of saved searches:

  • Saved searches created in the web interface. Those generate a daily email in your local evening.
  • Saved searches created in the app. Those should generate push notifications, but that is broken again it seems. Since yesterday.

It is all a bit amateurish for an internet-based company that was valued at 100 million GBP.


Hello @scooter1 and welcome.

I don’t have any saved searches or favorites on the web.

I have a saved search for Massachusetts in the app and got 2 notifications of 2 different listings this week on my phone.

This month I got a notification for a home I have favorited in the app on my phone.

Not sure if I got sound notifications for each since I wasn’t near my phone.

Notifications are turned on here on an android in the THS app

And note the version, which I just updated

And in my phone settings for apps, it looks like this

Also, other members have been directed to member services when all else fails…

Good luck…

Thank you so much- I have saved searches but never receive any emails!
I appreciate your response.

Thank you so much for your help- greatly appreciated especially alerting me to the updated version- this could help. I am unsure how to get an updated version . Do I uninstall the version i have and reinstall hopefully giving me the new version?
Thank you so much

But did you create those saved searches in the web interface?

And if you did, there may be several reason why you would not see emails. Maybe they go to a different mail account, maybe they are in the trash, maybe you had switched off THS mail messages.

If I recall…I went into the google play store.
Searched for THS and there was an option to “update” since it is already installed.

I favorited and also have saved searches. This year I planned for sits in South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Australia and all have sent notifications with sound alerts. So the THS apps is ok. Just perhaps you need to re-look how you set up the notification.

Btw Japan sits are very popular and even with notification, I see that there were already 3-4 applications or under review.

Thank you so much- that works perfectly- that is great. I am grateful for your help. I am now receiving notifications , that is a number comes up on the app but then is there a way to go to the new house sits or do you have to scroll through all the sits in that region trying to identify the new sits?

Thank you so much

Thank you so much- good luck!

@scooter1 what worked? If you detail your steps it may help another member reading this thread.