Not receiving email alerts for saved searches


Over the past few months I’ve noticed I’ve stopped receiving email alerts for my saved searches. Is there a reason why this may be?

My Email Updates are ticked so I’m not sure why they have disappeared.

Hi @UKSitter I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator who will assist you with this when she is back online

I have multiple saved searches, but just get an e-mail about one of them (NYC). I don’t get notified about others.

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Same for me @Lassie : I have 2 saved search and receive notifications and e-mail alert only for one : the one which appears first.
Don’t know why.

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I did have 3 saved searches but haven’t received any updates for any of them. I dropped this down to 1 in case that made any difference but it hasn’t.

@UKSitter @Françoise-et-Youn @Lassie … I’ve checked with the team and there are no known problems, but we will pass your account details to Membership Services so that they can look into this further.

3 factors for anyone in the future arriving at the post with a similar issue…

  1. You may need to be resubscribed to emails if you have opted out… MS can help with this.
  2. Only sits listed in the past 24 hours will be shown in alerts.
  3. See quote from Therese below…

@UKSitter I have noticed you are unsubscribed on our icloud, so I have now resubscribed you so you should start to receive these emails. You may have unsubscribed yourself at the bottom of the emails in error previously. I hope this helps … kind regards Therese

Oh how odd, thank you for sorting it! :smile: I will let you know if they continue not to come through.

@Lassie @Françoise-et-Youn Both your subscriptions are good on our icloud.
It will depend on where you set up your saved searches. If you set them up on your laptop/website, you will get emails, otherwise if done on the app, the notifications should come through on your phone. If you find some do not come through, it may be an idea to delete and set it up again. All your saved searches will show on the website and saved searches. I hope this helps … Kind regards Therese

Yes it does help and makes sens. I remember I’ve done 1 on my lap-top and 1 on my phone ! Never thought it could have an influence but thank you for this answer @Therese-Moderator !

I also have saved searches and do not receive notices about any of them. Haven’t bothered to pursue it because I’m always checking the website anyway.

The notifications are the same whether I’m using the THS app or website. I could delete and recreate the search, but that isn’t worth the hassle. For a popular place like NYC, by the time the daily e-mail comes out, the sits already have multiple applicants. I’ll just keep checking the website frequently.

Hi @CDunn You were unsubscribed for some reason. I have now resubscribed you so you should get emails within the next 12 hours. :smiley: Kind regards Therese

Adding on here that I also have stopped receiving saved search emails. I deleted one of my searches but that didn’t solve the problem.

hi @CoolCatAunt There seems to be two IDs created for you on our icloud, so this may be the reason. Tech are helping me sort this out. I will email you confirmation via membership services. Kind regards Therese



I used to receive emails when a new housesit was posted that fit a saved search critera. Now that I’m looking again post-pandemic, I’m not receiving any email notifications for any of my new saved searches. I’ve checked spam, I still get notifications of messages, invites, etc. But not for Saved Sit Searches.

I sent a support request in last week but haven’t heard anything. Anyone else having this problem?


I’m only getting these notifications via the app. If you have the app downloaded, you have to indicate your favorites on the app. It’s confusing, but I’m pretty sure that if you favorite things on the website you don’t get the notices activated.

Hi @maddogprod and welcome to the forum. I have one saved search on the website (so via email) and two on the app (so phone notifications). Both are working fine. My email came in an hour ago. I can only suggest deleting the search and saving it again and see if that fixes the problem. :thinking:

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Thanks. I actually deleted one and replaced it on the website to change dates but still nothing from them by email (which I swear I used to get).

As a test, I added one through the app and within about a half hour got a phone notification from it. Still don’t know why I’m not getting the emails but that’s how I’d rather get them.

Odder and odder…

@maddogprod the only thing I can suggest is to make sure you somehow didn’t un-check your email setting in your THS account. In your website account, using the dropdown arrow next to your name, click on Settings, then Contact Settings, then make sure Email Updates has a check mark. If that has the check mark, then I blame it all on computer gremlins as I’m all out of ideas. :roll_eyes: