Not getting notifications of saved sits

I am not getting notifications of some of my saved sits. I have saved these sits via the app on my phone. Some I have unchecked and rechecked to see if that will generate a notification but it does not. I do receive some notifications but others I have only found when perusing general listings. Is this a known problem? If so, when will it be fixed?

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Hello, @mars Thank you for you raising this issue with us. I am not aware of any issue with the saved search notifications being received via the App. What device are you using? If you DM me the saved search details that are not getting notifications but are saved to the App, tech can look at those ones on your account. I can then raise this and get the tech team to look into this for you. Thank you

I am experiencing the same problem. I have an android phone but the problem occurs with the website too. I also get email notifications of sits which apparently match my preferences but they don’t. Most of them are for dog sitting and I am specifically looking for cat sitting.

Hi @Surbitonsue
I am sorry you are not getting the right notifications regarding your pet choice.
It is important that you only tick the pet box for cats in your searches. You can go back to your searches and add this filter.

It was not very clear from your question, but to clarify, if you save your searches on your phone, via the app, then you would get notifications coming through on your phone throughout the day, and if you saved your searches on the website, you would get an email once a day.

If the problem still persists, we can raise this with our tech team.

Im not getting notifications for any of my saved sits. Its been like this for a month now. I have a Galaxy A52 Android. This is really annoying, having to physically go into the App and look under my saved searches. PLEASE FIX IT!!

Hi @PetsSit
We will contact you through our membership services to help with your issue, so please look out for the email.

My membership expired two days ago but previously, for the past few months, I wasn’t getting notifications of my saved sits either. I would get a notification but it was always for just every new sit on the site, nothing to do with my saved searches. I gave up.


Im not getting any notifications at all, its a total pain!

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Hello, @PetsSit Thank you for letting us know. I will pass this on to Membership Services so they can assist you further.

Hello, @ziggy I am so sorry that you were not getting your saved search notifications, let me know if you decide to reactive your account and I will get this looked into for you. Feel free to DM me at any time.

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