No notifications? Saved searches

Hello. I created some saved searches on the app (iPhone) and am getting notifications anytime a new sit comes up there, just like I wanted.
However, I also created saved searches on the website and they show up on the app but I do NOT get any notifications or those which is the whole reason I created the saved search.

What can be done?

I found that they are separate. As I recall, I was getting notifications once a day on the website but all through the day on the app. I ditched the saved searches on the website and moved everything to the app.

Yes, @andy160287 , what I suggest is find the sit you have saved on the website, remove the heart, then reselect the heart from the app. The app sends out instant notifications as soon as the listing posts new dates. The website does not. I think the website sends email digests but by the time you receive them, your listing may already be in review or no longer looking for a sitter.