How do I get notifications for new listings that meet my saved search criteria?

I have set up some saved searches BUT am not automatically receiving updates when a new listing appears - how do I activate this? It’s annoying having to constantly re-check my searches :frowning:

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There are two types of saved searches:

  • those created in the web interface which should generate a daily email at local evening
  • those created in the app that should generate a notification in your mobile phone within an hour.

So those are different beasts, although they are in the same list. Both have technical problems, it seems, for part of the members.

Thanks Pietkuip! Yeah, I created them via web and have never received any updates; I’ve just deleted those and attempted them within the app, we’ll see if that generates any :wink:

I am an Andriod user and do not get notifications for saved searches or favorites on my phone. It is a bug and there does not seem to be a plan to fix it as far as I know.

I have saved searches but never had a notification for any of them, though new listings have been posted for my saved search requirements. Not getting anywhere.

Same here @ziggy. Would be a great function to have

Purdie, apparently it is there somewhere :person_shrugging:

Hello, there are a few conversations about saved search notifications not coming through on the forum, so I will copy them here for reference.

Checking that you have your notifications switched on for the THS app on your device can help, but I appreciate this has been an issue for some on the Andriod app, further details can be found in these threads:

Membership Services is also happy to assist at

Thank you. I appreciate you adding my question to the thread. As far as I can see, there’s actually no answer to the issue, just other people with the same problem.
It’s been working fine for a long time and has only recently stopped working for me, so I’d appreciate any support to get it fixed