Question about the notifications

Hi All! I am new to THS. I have followed several favorites. I get notifications on my phone (the pop up) when new dates are added but when I go to the app I can’t tell which listing it’s from. Any tips?


You need to click the specific item on the pop-up on your phone, if you get notification about more than one saved search at a time. I sometimes get a popup with 2 notifications. I need to click each notification, not the general pop-up, to link to the specific listing.


Thanks Lassie. Is there a way to see the notification later if I don’t click on it when it pops up? I cant seem to find a way to do that

@dguptill I might be able to help with your second question. I am not sure which device you are using but if I hear my notification ping and I do not immediately click on them, on my iPhone I can then slide down from the top of my screen and see the notifications there. I can then click on them individually. Once you have clicked on the notification once it will then no longer be there. As I say I have an iPhone - which device do you have?

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have an iphone though its the XS so a few years old

@dguptill I found this link to view notifications on an iPhone. You can change the iOS at the top of the page and then the page updates to show you how the notification is viewed for that particular model.

Hope that helps!

Last night I saved a new search and soon after the first notification showed up on my phone and it took me straight to the new post. This morning there were notifications 3 times and each times it took me to the general list that fit my search (which I had already looked at previously). It could happen 1 time that someone deleted their post but I clicked immediately on all 3 notifications and in none of those cases I was taken to the exact new post. Is there a technical problem or what might be going on?

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Hi @Danielsitter
I have moved your question to this thread to keep all notification questions together.
I will also check with our tech team to help.

HI @Danielsitter
Tech has come back to me. To explain and confirm the difference with the notifications sent.
The saved search notification takes you to a list of search results for that saved search. Possibly the first notification you saw was for a favourite listing of yours that had just added new dates.

Thank you. Just to clarify regrading those notifications that took me to the list: it does indicate that there is a new listing in that list but I’m supposed to find it among the 100 existing listing for that country that I have already scrolled through? Doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense unless they just want users to spend as much as time as possible on the website which I would understand from a profit standpoint even though that would be extremely user-unfriendly?

HI @Danielsitter
The ‘new’ listings always appears on top of the App and you can then scroll down.
If there were 3 new notifications that came through, more or less at the same time. It should be the top 3. The New button is shown on a listing for 24 hours and as new listings are added, the listings then drop down.

Thank you again for your time, I appreciate it. The 3 notifications where spread out over the past 3 hours I would say and never was there a new listing at the top of the list. That’s why I was so confused to be shown old listings every time I clicked on the notification to take me to the app.

Hi @Danielsitter is it possible that you are seeing old/low applications first as you need to change the ‘sort’ filter to new. All my saved searches this morning have taken me to the new ones at the top of the list (on my android phone - App, not website). To be fair many of them are actually old listings the HO’s are boosting or re-listing, (or unpausing after declining their 5 applications) to bump them back to the top of the list.

It could also be that the 3 new notifications reached 5 applications while you were sleeping. In this case they will no longer appear in that saved search results.

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I’m reading through these older posts to get clarification of my different notifications. Are you saying a Saved Search notification will take me to the location list (understandable) but a Favorited Sit notification will take me directly to their active advertised sit, correct? It’s been confusing when receiving Favorited Sit notices. Sometimes they’re there when I click the notification and at times they’re not. Even when I’m clicking immediately upon receipt.

Hi @Cindy75Le
Yes, you are correct, notifications will take you to the location list for saved searches (the latest being on top), and a Favorited sit notification should take you to the actual listing. The listing should indicate any of 3 statuses’ - ‘apply now dates’, ‘in reviewing’, or ‘currently not needing a sitter’

I would also like to suggest that you always check you have the latest version of the App so everything works better. I hope this has helped.

I don’t know how to see that.

I just rely on automatic updates.

You might be offered the opportunity to update if you go to the App Store appropriate for your device and look for the app.

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Clicking on a notification (iPad & android) used to take me to the listing or saved search, but in the last week or so it just takes me to the “find a sit” screen.

@pietkuip Your phone may automatically do that, but you can always double-check if you go to App Store and search TrustedHousesitters, it will show you if there is an update that may not have been downloaded. The latest is 2.41.