Question about the notifications

Hi All! I am new to THS. I have followed several favorites. I get notifications on my phone (the pop up) when new dates are added but when I go to the app I can’t tell which listing it’s from. Any tips?


You need to click the specific item on the pop-up on your phone, if you get notification about more than one saved search at a time. I sometimes get a popup with 2 notifications. I need to click each notification, not the general pop-up, to link to the specific listing.

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Thanks Lassie. Is there a way to see the notification later if I don’t click on it when it pops up? I cant seem to find a way to do that

@dguptill I might be able to help with your second question. I am not sure which device you are using but if I hear my notification ping and I do not immediately click on them, on my iPhone I can then slide down from the top of my screen and see the notifications there. I can then click on them individually. Once you have clicked on the notification once it will then no longer be there. As I say I have an iPhone - which device do you have?

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have an iphone though its the XS so a few years old

@dguptill I found this link to view notifications on an iPhone. You can change the iOS at the top of the page and then the page updates to show you how the notification is viewed for that particular model.

Hope that helps!