App Notifications - Please update your App to the latest version

Hello everyone :wave:

We’ve been working behind the scenes to upgrade the system that sends app notifications - some of you may have noticed duplicate messages over the past few days, because of this transition.

We’re now going to switch off the old system very soon. For those of you with the most recent version of the app installed, you will automatically stop receiving duplicate messages. For those of you not on the most recent version, you will stop receiving messages completely.

To fix this, all you’ll need to do is update to the most recent app version. Any issues at all, please let us know.

Thank you



What’s the latest version #? I tried following the instructions for iPhone and it doesn’t off a ‘update’ next to the THS app. Version I have is 2.41.1.


Hello @Val Great question! The latest version is 2.41.1 so it looks like you are all up to date. :slight_smile:


I updated to the latest version and now I’m not getting sound notifications. Everything is on in my Notification Center. Could this be associated with the update?

I updated to latest version and now don’t get any notifications at all :face_exhaling:

@CA_Denise I can ask that for you. I am not much of a tech wizz so maybe someone on here would know more about how to get sound on notifications.

@Silversitters leave that with me and I will feed that back to the team as let you know what they think.

Happy weekend to you both :slight_smile:

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Is there a reason the app doesn’t just update? It is the way most apps work. You don’t have to delete and download again.

It is just what help desks say when something does not work.

And I agree with @CA_Denise that also on my iPhone the sound (or the vibration) seems to have disappeared. Notifications do come in, the screen turns on, but no sound.

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I was getting double notifications on iPhone, including sounds. They came so frequently that even my dog noticed. :joy:

I ended up turning them off, since I have enough sits for a stretch.

Mine updated automatically a bit ago and I stopped getting notifications. I discovered in the app notifications settings that there are now 2 categories. One is marketing and the other general. I had to turn on the marketing one, I think, in order to get notifications for sits. Poor categorization, but It works again.

I have the same issue @pietkuip where the sound has now disappeared after updating the app.


Thank you, Carla!

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@Carla @CA_Denise I have the new update version, have all THS items selected in “Notifications,” and still not getting sound when notifications come in.

Am on Android. Restarted my phone.

Any insights will be appreciated. Thank you for passing this on to the tech team.


Thanks @KenandMary1998 I should hear back from them soon after the Easter long weekend. I will post back as soon as I know more.

Thank you! Still trying to figure out the sound notification problem. Please let us know of you find anything out.
Thanks again

Sound notifications started working again.

I had an automatic update to 2.14.2, that came out 40 minutes ago.

(As usual, their version history note is uninformative…)

Is this a regional-restricted update? my store doesn’t show any available update and from what I see I don’t have the latest 2.14.2

Don’t know about regionality, but is your phone a late model one? I ask, because updates don’t necessarily show for all phones or other devices — depends on their age, because some can’t technologically support updates past a certain point.

I just uninstalled the app then installed it again and it now has the updated 2.14.2 version.

I don’t think so, I mean I don’t like spending over 1k for a phone, that’s crazy!