App Notifications - Please update your App to the latest version

I will try this, it looks like it would resolve the issue, although will see what my phone can handle haha

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I’ve installed what I thought was the latest version of the app but it looks like this. It’s not very user friendly. I don’t understand why it looks so odd… and is so awful to use.

If your phone is older, you probably are using an older version of the app. Sometimes you can get by with older versions; sometimes not. In cases of older versions, they can have limited functionality. The alternative is to use the website, but that usually has less functionality as well.

This is where the version number is usually located in the app store. This is an iOS view. Android probably looks similar.

At certain points — depending on each app maker — they’ll no longer support older versions of their apps. That’s because it takes resources to do that.

Are you using the app on a tablet? That’s what various apps will look like size wise, because they’re made for cell phones, not tablets.

Some companies make both cell phone and tablet versions of their apps, but that can take more effort and resources. THS doesn’t make a tablet version.

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Hi Maggie8K,

Thank you for your replies. Yes, I’m using a tablet. I will continue using the online version then.



If you’re a sitter, when you might want to use the app sometimes: to check if a host had previous sitters who left no review.

That info is not available on the website.

Why you want to check such: Missing reviews can be a red flag, because some sitters won’t write reviews for bad sits.

It’s not an absolute, because sometimes some folks don’t write reviews for other reasons. But you can check out that specific sitter’s review history and see whether they normally write reviews.

Personally, I almost always use the THS website on tablets. But when I want to check out a host, I’ll use the app.

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Yes, I’ve noticed the missing reviews on my phone.

Many thanks to you. :heart:

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Thank you for sharing this @pietkuip The team have been working on an update for the notification sound issue which has now been released. Thank you all for your patience :slight_smile:

@CA_Denise tagging you here for an update, I hope it is all sorted for you!

@Silversitters Are you still not receiving any notifications at all? I have passed this to the tech team and am waiting to hear back.

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Yes! Sound is back! Thanks!!

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