Notifications re sits in my location

I used to get notifications about new sits in my location. It might have arrived as a daily email? However, I suppose I must have turned it off by mistake because I did not receive any for a long time now and there are definitely new sits in London appearing frequently. Can anyone tell me how to turn it back on?

Thanks in advance!

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Check your settings in your profile. Even if you have turned e-mail notifications on, you might not get the e-mails. I don’t get notifications about favorites although my settings are correct. I’m working with tech support but they cant find the problem :frowning:

@cat.tails; do you mean that you saved a search with your own local parameters, or is there a THS option to notify of sits in the area they consider local to you (as per your profile location)?
If it’s the former, maybe you deleted it accidentally? I can’t help with the latter as I didn’t even know of this option (and maybe it doesn’t exist & I just invented it :flushed:)

I get the notifs of my favourites on my phone but never on my laptop

I never get notifications any more.

I made a point to favorite listings on my phone because of discussion here in the forum.

I don’t think I ever saved a search for my local area. When I signed up with THS last year I was in Singapore, and whenever I got notifs about new sits for the dates I had saved in my searches, I also got notifs of new sits in Singapore (ie any date at all, not related to my saved searches.)
As I was no longer interested in Singapore sits, I changed my profile location to London, England simply because I spend more time in the UK and Europe now. But I never get email notifs of new sits in London the way I used to get the Singapore info.

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I’m sorry I can’t help then, @cat.tails. Maybe @Vanessa-ForumCMg or @Therese-Moderator can find an answer for you.
Could be another :lady_beetle: or maybe related to levels of membership? I’m the poorest, humblest, plebeian member & the only email notifications I get are for my saved searches. (Although I get the general circulars too).
If I’m using the Website on my iPad, I get pop-up notifications for my Inbox and favourite sits with new dates but that must be because I keep the App open in the background; Safari doesn’t support live notifications.
So, basically, :woman_shrugging:t3: sorry.

At the time I was getting the notifs, I was a standard member, then I upgraded (mistakenly) to Premium. I will go back to standard member when I renew, I don’t need premium membership. The cancellation policy doesn’t work for me as I already have sits confirmed to end of June 2023. If they get cancelled by the HO I wouldn’t get a refund as the sits were confirmed before I became a premium member :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi @cat.tails @Therese-Moderator will look into this for you when she is back online …

and thanks @Saltrams for tagging …

Hi @cat.tails
A good 2 years ago, we had a daily email that went out to members, but this was subsequently replaced by saved searches, as it was more specific to each individual member’s needs. If you ‘Save a search’ on the website, you will get an email when new listings appear, depending on the location, this could be daily.
If you have the App, and then create a ‘Save a search’ there, you will get immediate notifications on your phone. (you would need to make sure your phone is set up for push notifications).
I usually put a little (App) in brackets behind my saved search if I set it in the App, so I don’t get confused, as all the searches show up both on the App and Webpage.
Your Favourites will also give you notifications on your App when they relist dates.

With regards to the premium membership, if you have sits in the future, and become a premium member, for example today, you will be covered for those future confirmed sits with regard to sit cancellations in line with the T & C’s.

I hope this helps a little.

@Therese-Moderator Thanks for your reply.

I joined THS in Nov 2021 and for a while (I forget how long) I did get the daily emails that went out to members and after a few months of that I switched my location to London so that I would stop getting Singapore as my local area and start to receive London as my local area in those emails. I guess the emails stopped exactly on the day I switched location (sometime in the first half of this year) because I never received any daily emails with new London sits after that.

Yes, I have saved searches based on dates I am available and locations I am interested in, that is a very handy function. I receive that news via emails.

I have also marked many HOs as favourites and when they post new dates, I get the notif on my phone (not on my laptop).

Re the premium membership, after I read the T&C’s I realised that the cancellation of sit terms is not useful for me so I will stick to standard membership. I have had a few sits cancelled but I usually manage to find replacement sits. Between cancellations and (separately) dates that did not ever get filled with sits, I have paid for about 3 weeks worth of nights in hotel or airbnb since Dec 2021 which is not a lot for 10 months of full-time nomadic cat sitting. I doubt that I would have received compensation for cancelled sit dates anyway so I won’t bother with premium membership.

On a separate topic, I have now discontinued my membership with nomador because I confirmed 31 sits with THS vs 2 with nomador so I will focus on THS from now on.

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Thanks for your message. Congratulations on 31 confirmed sit, you must be so thrilled and wishing you continued success going forward … all proving that you are going to have some lovely adventures ahead.


Not sure if it’s just me but I’ve noticed in the last couple of days that sits ads are only available once a day. They all get dumped in around dinner time instead of appearing all throughout the day.

I haven’t noticed this glitch, but I have notices that some sits stay as first or second all day. Currently a sit in Vancouver, Wa and one in Denver are first for the past few days, even though my search filter is “Newest”

HI @NicP
I have moved your question here which should help you with your answer.
You can also use the spyglass at the top to search for other questions that may have already been covered by forum members.

It would be great if you could also link your profile to your forum profile, so members can meet you properly and see what homeowners see when you apply for sits.

The way to add your profile link is here >>

@NicP do you mean the listings that you have as favourites? I am in the UK at the moment, and I get a steady stream all day of notifs on my phone about the ones that have listed new dates. I presume that they appear through the day on the site, not just at dinner time (whatever time zone you are in)?

I’m just talking about my saved searches. I check a few times a day and no new ones until 7pm EST when a bunch of them show up. I’m using the desktop one. It’s the 4th day now. It’s rather frustrating if you’re trying to get good housesits that can disappear within 10 minutes sometimes.

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I just checked the App version and it seems ok there, just the desktop version is a one time/day dump at 7pm EST…for me. Anybody else?

my favourites do not show up as notifs on desktop

I do not always check my saved searches on a daily basis so I have no idea what time they get updated

They used to appear as they were posted, anytime.