Search & Notifications

I would like to search for sits in Europe only, without having to scroll through endless ones for North America or Australia. How do I do this?

Also I’m not getting any notification when dates have been published for my favourite sits. Any ideas why?

Many thanks

In the web interface, there is the map search. Just zoom in on your region of interest and save that search.

If you create a saved search in the web interface, that should generate an email once a day (at your local evening) with alerts of new dates.

Thank you Pietkuip, that’s very helpful. I marked various sits as a favourite on the mobile app & thought that would alert me when the home owner posted a new date but I’ll try creating a search on the Web interface instead :+1:

I think favourites on the app are not working - at least not for me. I am fully booked till September so have not been too bothered about it.

The map saved search does work on the app but really popular sits will probably reach 5 before the notification comes through! If you are after desired sits in Europe then unfortunately the best way to get in with a chance is to keep manually checking for new sits every few hours. Click on the ‘dates’ to apply button immediately and then either open THS in another window or on another device to do your research.

If I was looking I would do a saved search (using a map or country specific such as UK) o the app to get hourly notifications and I would select favourites on the website to get those notifications through when they add new dates. Good luck.

There are problems with app notifications especially on the android app, at least for some users, possibly for many.