how to get notified of available sits

How can I get notified of potential sits?

I have filled in the notifications section, but am not getting any notifications. When I log on I see lots of sits for the dates I listed, and all are under review. It’s so frustrating!

Any ideas please?

Thank you

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Hello @CindyE - so you can save places (both cities and whole countries), places and specific dates, places, dates and certain pets and then also individual sits that you like the look of for any date at all. Different notifications come at different times depending on this & when they post (maybe in a different time zone for example) and if you’re on the app or website. Have you done all of that to set yourself up would be question one as that may help? :thinking:

@CindyE you must save searches and favourites on the App. I have found, if I did it on the website, it didn’t send me the notifications.

It is horribly complicated and not well documented.

You should get an email once per day (in your local evening) of new dates in the regions of your Saved searches. The web interface allows you to create three saved searches, in the app the maximum is ten. Be careful with filters - their behaviour is unintuitive.

Then there are notifications and alerts. The app in my iPhone will pling when there are new dates of a listing that I had favourited (with the heart symbol), but this seems to be broken in the android app.

Double check your notifications settings on your phone for the THS App. Any sit you have favourited - on the App or Website - you will get an alert when new dates are listed. You should also get an alert when you receive messages in your THS Inbox.

Also, if you are wanting sits in a different time zone, your DND should be turned off, that is, if you want to be able to respond to alerts at all hours.