Question about marking a "favourite" sit

Hi !
When you favourite a sit that doesn’t currently need anyone. Are you notified when that sit does want a sitter ? I ask because I have favourited a few sits , then this morning just by chance I looked at the sits I had marked as favourites.
It said reviewing . Now I’m confused :confused:

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Replying to hear answers. I had the impression you are supposed to be notified, but I’m also not sure it works.

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I think it best if you save homes on the app on your phone then you recieve alerts on your cell phone.
And of course notifications must be turned on.

I have saved homes via the app and have rec’d alerts for new dates on my phone but have not rec’d alerts for the same via email, which would come through the web site.

I no longer save homes via the web site.

Hope this helps!

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I’ve often wondered that as well as I have “favorited” sits and never been notified. I’d also like to know what is the difference between “favoriting” a sit and clicking on “notify me”. I’ve done both and have never received any type of notification.

I think you may well have answered my question!!! Thank you very very much :blush: I never thought technology was difficult. However it seems I was wrong . Thank you !!!

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@Globetrotter where do you see the “notify me?”

Hello @Globetrotter & @HelloOutThere This topic might help, as it explains about the ‘notify me’ :slight_smile:

@Globetrotter If you need help with your notifications feel free to reach out to Membership Services and they can help you with settings etc. I hope you get it sorted soon!

Carla has referred us both to the explanation which I’ve just read.

Thanks Carla - I just read the explanation. I have saved numerous listings and clicked on “notify me” on a few as well but not once have I ever received a notification.

Notifications should come in the app. Do you get notifications for Saved searches that you created in the app?

What app do you use, android or iPhone?

I’ve only created saved searches using my laptop but I do have the app on my iphone.

Saved searches created in the web interface will only create alerts once per day by email.

If you want to test if notifications are on in your phone, you could test with a Saved search on the app for for example the UK. Then it should start plinging!

I’ve never received any emails either. I’ll try that - thanks for your help!

Maybe you have emails switched off (THS seems to have all-or-nothing for emails). Or they are in your spam box. Or they go to a different mail address.

Member services might be able to help you with that.

I receive numerous emails from THS but nothing regarding “saved” searches. Did have a chat quite a while back with member services but didn’t resolve the problem. Not a big deal - thanks again.

That has happened to us - but it seemed to us it was for sits that are extremely popular (such as London, UK). Unfortunately by the time an alert is sent out, the Sit has gotten 5 applicants and is closed to everyone else.
As others have said, this creates a lose-lose: HOs can only see a small group unless they proactively read/delete sitters they immediately think aren’t right for their sit AND Sitters who might be ideal for a sit never get a chance to be seen.
I could understand the limit being a dozen.
But five is draconian and IMHO serves no one well.

As with many of the features on the app (and website), there seems to be a somewhat random element. I have had the app just stop sending me notifications, and the advice I received from THS was to uninstall/reinstall the app, which did work.

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