Notifications of new dates

Can anyone help - I must be missing something very obvious. I received a notification on the app today that one of my previous sits had new dates. I tried to access this via the app but the link just took me to the standard page to search for sits. I also looked on my laptop and did a search for London (narrowed down to cover the area where the sit was) and it didn’t appear in either sits seeking sitters or in the list of those being reviewed. What am I doing wrong as obviously there is no point in having notifications of these dates if it isn’t possible to access the HO post.

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Maybe the sit had already been paused because five applications had come in?

I thought that but couldn’t see it in the reviewing list either.

@LizBCN if you go to either your inbox or your reviews and then tap on the host you will see if they have current dates listed .

OK thanks so much. I thought it was something simple. I will give that a try.

Well no, I can see neither of the sits I thought it could be with new dates nor do they appear in the reviewing list as someone suggested. Can’t find them via the reviews either. Oh well either its been removed it or it is long gone with five quick applicants!