Alert for new dates with the app

A couple of times on the last few days ive had the alert to say a saved favourite has new dates but when i check, the listing is “no sitter currently needed”.
The first time i just presumed the sit had been taken quickly but its just happened again & i clicked on to the sit immediately but there were no dates.
Has anyone else found this?


@Gina It’s most likely a homeowner coordinating with a previous sitter to do a repeat sit. It’s when the homeowner doesn’t know how to or chooses not to do a private invite. My most recent sit was done that way and the homeowner had me on standby and text once it was posted and I applied and was confirmed within seconds. That was the homeowner’s preference, not mine. However, it creates that scenario.

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Thanks snowbird. I have wandered that but its happened 3 times now in the last few days.:no_mouth:

@Gina Looks like you need to apply for sits with no previous sitters as that’s a lot of bad luck. :rofl: Just teasing. I will say that it hasn’t happened on ones I’ve had notifications for today, so I don’t think it’s a system issue.

I’m a believer that everything’s for a reason. There’s a peach of one just around the corner for you, hopefully. Good luck. :crossed_fingers:


Lol. @Snowbird.
Its ok i hadnt actually applied to these they are just saved in my favorites, hoping that someday their dates & our availabilities will natch up😁. If they are meant to be that is!
Yes i am a believer in fate too.
The mystery of the last alert is solved as i think the HO has just re posted the same dates.