Still not getting notices from my favorites

I’m still not getting any notice of when One of my favorites posts a new date. Can someone from support reach out for me? I am, FINALLY, getting the daily update of my saved searches, but I’ve never received a notice about a list that I favorited posting new dates.

TIA :grin:

A sitter will save your listing if they like it but are unable to do your posted dates. When you list new dates, they will be automatically notified. A sitter is not notified if you save her/him to your favorites.


Hi @MissChef. I’m sorry to hear you’re not receiving all the notifications you should be receiving. I’m tagging @Therese, so she sees this when she’s next in the forum.

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Thank you @Karen_E …Hi @MissChef - we will email you directly from membership services.

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I have not received any notifications of my saved searches for over a week now. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app; I even set up a saved search for anywhere, any dates, any pets - my mobile should be pinging constantly but there hasn’t been a peep.

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Hi @ELNF. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve asked membership services to help you fix that.

Thank you Karen

Thanks, working on it now!


I’m the same & have also reported it @Therese but not heard anything more. Also done the reinstall dance :dancer:


I’m glad I posted, I thought I was the only one! :crazy_face:

@Cuttlefish @MissChef @Karen_E Mine is now working again

Yay! What, if anything @ELNF, did you do to fix it?

@Cuttlefish I’ve asked membership services to help you with this.

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Nothing at all! Since you said you would contact membership services the notifications started coming in. Of course, it could’ve been down to messages sent & reviews left regarding the app

Glad to see this thread as I’m having the same problem. It has been quite awhile since I’ve received alerts about my favorites — and when I do it has always been delayed. I thought it was perhaps a tactic by THS to make listings more accessible to new members.

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HI @Mary-Kay please go directly to the Membership Services Team who will be able to help you … and no not a tactic of any description :wink:

I also haven’t been getting notifications on my favorite listings or searches to my phone. It’s made me miss some sits that i would have otherwise applied for

@Squirrel Sorry to hear you have not been receiving your favourite notifications, please go directly to as they are best placed to look into this for you and assist you further. Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve been a THS member for 1 1/2 years. I marked a ton of favorites, but I have not once received notification of a favorite listing, though the favorites have had completed sits since. How do I receive notifications? I just removed them all because it seemed pointless to have them marked.

Haha, this has never worked for me. I thought it was just a broken feature.

I’ve never received alerts on my favorites. And I’ve seen some of them post new listings when I’ve searched manually. I figured that feature just never worked, LOL.

I have been getting emails based on my search alerts, but they’ve been of no use. Either the fit is bad or the sit has already disappeared, presumably because of the five sitters process.

I get my sits from just doing manual searches. I also get invites, but they’ve not been good fits.