Favorites notification question

I just got a notification about new dates for a sit that I had marked in my favorites. I clicked on it the second that it appeared and it said that the HO had no current needs. I don’t think that this had anything to do with the pause test, since it was so quick, I would not have had anytime to respond, even using a one sentence reply. Is it possible that when HOs send out private invitations to former sitters, that sitters who have favorited their sit still get notifications, even though the sit is really filled with a former sitter and not really open to the general population? I am not upset about not being able to apply, but just curious as to how this happened. Any insight?

@Southernsitter My guess is it’s someone booking a repeat sitter and not using the private invite option. I had a sit this spring where the owner, who I had sat for previously, asked me to sit again. I agreed. She had me stand by while she posted the listing, she text me once it went live, and we quickly stepped through the process. Done in a minute or two. At least for listings I have marked as favourites, it seems to be happening more frequently these days.

As for the time delay, some members have commented on the different speed of display on the website vs the app vs notifications, but I’ve never monitored that so I don’t have specifics for you. It may, however, explain how a sit of this kind would display as ‘booked’ in what seems like such a short period of time.

Update: I read a listing on the website a little while ago, and then the notification came in after on my phone. That was certainly enough delay time for someone to have done the process I first mentioned here.