« No longer in need of a sitter »

Has anyone else experienced this:

I have a long list of favourite listings and four different saved searches. I get upwards of five alerts per day on my phone.
I assume these show up immediately when the owner posts a listing.
I go right to the listing when I hear the chime, but now and again, it shows that the owner is « no longer in need of a sitter “

The other situation, which I have reported to THS earlier this year, which they have acknowledged but still persist: when I go to my list of favourites and select “currently seeking a sitter”, 5 out of 10 of the listings filtered in show “currently not in need of a sitter “

Is that just a glitch in the system?

This has happened to me too.

@JFetSylvie I think I know of at least one scenario that creates the first point you’ve mentioned. A homeowner recently couldn’t figure out how to invite me privately for a sit to a home I’d previously done a sit for. She is computer savvy. Instead, she decided to post the listing, text me when it was listed, and I was ready, waiting to apply and she confirmed me. That was probably all done within a minute. I told her it was likely to confuse those who had notifications to their phone. :smirk:

Thank you.
I figured that must be the case every once in a while.
I have had repeat invitations from owners, but they usually contact me directly.

Happens to me too

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