Not notified when we fail to get a sit

We had recently applied for a popular sit where 50 other sitters had previously applied. It was a bit of a long shot but we figured that “you have to be in it to win it”!

Yesterday we realised that the sit listing was saying “Currently not in need of a sitter” implying that the home & pet owner has either selected a sitter or decided not to go away after all.

Whilst I can understand that the owner might not want to copy and paste a reply to each applicant, I would have thought that the THS app and/or website would have notified us and removed the application from our dashboard?

Does anyone know what should happen? Thanks!

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Yes, you should have gotten either a ping on your device and/or an autogenerated email saying something to the likes of "Sorry, you didn’t…"But don’t be discouraged, just keep moving. Apply to many sits as often as you like, one will click and pick you.

This has been discussed before on the Forum and it has happened occasionally to me. You sometimes don’t know why as the owner doesn’t always respond at all, which I find very discourteous but that’s sadly the way some people are. I have occasionally written a message to ask why I wasn’t responded to and/or why they no longer want a sitter. Sometimes I get a response…

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As I understand it … once a host followed by a sitter hit accept button, a "Sorry but … " message is sent to other applicants.

Could the “Currently not in need of a sitter” info instead of “Sorry but…” message imply that the sitter hasn´t accepted the sit yet or the owner withdrew the ad or some other changes have been made?

Hi robinwills

=> Listings saying “Currently no sitter needed” can mean 3 things, either the HO’s changed their minds, or confirmed a sitter on THS, or paused the applications.
In that case, HO’s usually do that when they think they have enough good applicants and they want to take the time to choose wihin those applicants whithout having no ones.

=> PM’s Applications saying “This homeowner is currently not looking for a sitter.”, generally followed by an E-mail saying: “You weren’t successful this time…” can means 2 things, either the HO’s changed their minds or that they confirmed a sitter on the platform.


So in your case if you don’t have that message: This homeowner is currently not looking for a sitter." above your application in your inbox, it’s seems that either they changed their minds about getting a sitter, or they paused the applications.

Here are a few examples. I once had a HO pausing them in order to do a video call with me prior confirming on the platform, in the meantime on the listing it was saying “Currently no sitter needed”. Yesterday I got an invitation whom listing also says “Currently no sitter needed” but the invitation in my inbox was still valid, so I guess the HO’s also paused the applications.

This may mean they have stopped applicants as there are 50 plus already. It doesn’t mean they have made a chose yet. A prudent pet owner does that to give themselves time to look through all the applicants.
Fingers crossed, you haven’t been rejected yet. Good luck.


I’m not taking it personally as my application wasn’t even read. Just interested in how the app should respond.

Thanks! Actually my application hasn’t even been read!!

Was it the Iceland listing by any chance?

Most likely the listing is paused whilst they review or they withdrew it. I remember how I felt first time I encountered that.
A week later I was in!

Give them time. You did say you were one of the later ones. Hope springs eternal.

@robinwills I have had a similar experience, and likely others have too. I applied for a sit where we even had some messages back and forth and that I was asked if I could be flexible with dates, which I agreed was fine. I didn’t hear further and the date came and went with my most recent message showing as unread. The listing showed ‘currently not in need of a sitter’ at some late point. My decision was that I would not want to sit for that homeowner, and I will not submit any further applications to them. I understand there’s a simple one-click way to at least update/respond to all applicants, and I expect that level of courtesy and respect.

I will mention that a message can show as unread on the website if the homeowner reads messages on the app. The product team read the forum so are aware of this and that may be addressed at some point. For now, perhaps don’t assume that your message wasn’t read. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes and that always amazes me when people don’t read applications

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I can’t believe a HO wouldn’t Pause applications before allowing for 50 applicants, since it’s implausible they would earnestly consider that many before making a choice, and clearly no expectation to reply to each applicant. As a HO, doing that seems discourteous, clueless, or lazy. I always Pause applications as soon as I have a small handful of possible fits for the sit, and always reply to every applicant. In the unlikely event that I still don’t find a good fit in the pool I’ve received, I can unPause again to continue looking. TH has thoughtfully given us good tools to engage respectfully and create trusted owner-sitter relationships. As a Sitter, I’d see a HO with 50 applicants as a sit that is probably not a good fit for me. But that’s just me. Thanks for posting this.

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Believe me, they do

I’ve spoken to a few HOs who get this level of response and I can assure you that is not the reason for all of them. HOs in prime locations get dozens and dozens of applications in a short time frame and most of the applications are…not good. Think sitters who write something like. “It’s my dream to go to X. Pick me!!”, and that’s it, or they continue to write only about what’s in it for them. And that’s the majority of the applications some of them get. So while it might seem rude, in some cases, at least, they’re just leaving it open to try to get a handful of “proper” applications along with the useless ones. A popular sit with 50 applications is like a “regular” sit with 5!

And while in a perfect world they would go through and decline all the less desirable applications one by one, that’s not really a priority for (some of) them.

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Good to understand that, Meow. Thank you.

It is useful to know what functionality there is for a home owner as I’ve not subscribed to that side of things so thanks!

There is something not right about this listing - I applied six months ago when there was 4-7 applications and my application was never read. The listing has now disappeared from the site.